Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Upstairs finished!

Master bedroom

Master bedroom closet

Spare room

Spare room

Landing area


By by wall of the spare room! 

Opening the bathroom (right) into the corridor

Bathroom (this actually still looks like this behind closed doors, one day soon we'll tackle that bathroom....maybe pre-potty training!)

Ripping out the master closets

Checking out his new room! 

Drywall and deciding on colors! 

The corridor

Colors for Dylan's room and Brandon's office. 

Carpet underlay


New carpet on the stairs! 
The corridor - bathroom (unfinished) on the left, Dylan's room dead ahead and Brandon's office to the right. 

Dylan's polar room! 

Brandon's office and another spare room (futon). 

Reading nook on the landing. 

Master closet! 

Finally, a finished bedroom! 

4 Months old!

Where does the time fly!

He's now:

14lbs 12 ounces
25 inches long

29th Percentile Height
27th Percentile Weight
79th Percentile Head

Still our super smiley boy, always happy to meet new people and beam at them. He loves to swing, has perfected his front to back role and is ready to move! He can now grab his toes, and does so at every opportunity. He's almost sitting unassisted too, and recognizes the dogs as they go by (usually giving them a big grin and reaching out to try and grab them!).

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

And back again....

Back again from sea, boy ten days (well eleven counting travel) really seemed like a long time. The month in Antarctica in October is going to be REALLY hard. Brandon enjoyed his time with Dylan though, really embraced it, and although there were some rough nights, dadda came through it all, as we knew he would. We're pretty lucky to have such an amazing guy in our life...:)

Other big developments here is that i've finally been offered, and have accepted, a tenure track job at UMaine. So finally off the hamster wheel of having to find my own salary from research grants, UMaine will now pay me 9 months of salary per year, and in turn I can teach more, which i'm really looking forward to. So maybe we are here for a long time after all....come January i'll have lived in Maine for longer than i've lived anywhere since leaving home at 18, now that will be a record! Good thing we really like it here....:) 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

A visit to Woods Hole and preparing to head to sea....

Well, time flies, and my first research cruise as a mum is coming up fast (i leave tuesday for ten days). The good news is that we have enough expressed breastmilk that he'll remain a breastfed baby while i'm out, the bad news is that i'm going to miss my boys. Even worse is he's just hit a "no sleep" period for the last few days (we thought it was travel this weekend....but its now thursday), so I feel pretty guilty leaving Brandon with that for ten days. He's working hard at growing and has developed several new skills (rolling over (!), reaching for toys and finding his feet) so i'm sure has hit the 4 month sleep regression stage. We're also trying to unswaddle him at night (because of the rolling over), so i'm sure that's affecting his quality of sleep too, he slept so well swaddled. I know he'll settle eventually into a new rhythm, I just wish he'd do it before I go!

This weekend we headed to Woods Hole to catch up with friends (and hit Ikea on the way home - the upstairs remodel is finally done, just have to wait for the carpet to offgas for a few weeks and we'll be moving in! Photos to follow soon!). It was wonderful, we got to go to the beach, dip our toes in the ocean (it was a little cold for Dylan, he wasn't too impressed!) and spend time with good friends.

BL snuggles

Watching the ocean

CL airplane! 

Hard to see, but this is the car packed from Ikea! 

From his daycare. They're pretty funny in there....

Dipping in the ocean! 

Snuggles with Kathy!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

A random selection of Dylan...

I finally downloaded some photos from my phone!

"That other baby is mighty smiley!"

Celebratory ice cream (i'm now eating dairy! All Dylans issues were his hernias) for me going back to work, and Dylan going to daycare! 

Snuggled up at Lubec...it was cold! 

Having a bath in the cabin sink. 

Snuggles with Aunty Amy. 

Modeling my All Blacks shirt from family in NZ

Saturday, May 30, 2015

A quick trip to Lubec...and back to work....

My first week back at work just passed, and Dylan's first week at daycare. Very mixed feelings, I love my job and enjoyed being back, but I would so dearly have liked to take longer, but unfortunately in Maine (and most of the US) you can only take 12 weeks unpaid, then it's back to work. I feel like he's just got so much more interactive, and we've just got over a major hump in breastfeeding...and now it's all change. Even just this first week i've seen my (already low) milk supply tank, so this weekend and next week i'll be back on herbal supplements to hopefully be able to keep my supply going for as long as I can. With them pushing hard for nothing but breastmilk for the first 6 months, it sure would be good to have had 6 months at home to give it the best chance possible. And, to be honest, he's just so much fun to be around, he's such a happy little chap, and in this last few days has even started full on giggling.....how can you not want to spend more time with that....:)

As a last hurrah before going back to work, we spent the weekend in Lubec, the furthest east you can go in the USA. We spent it with our dear friends at a camp that belongs to family, and had a real blast....:)

Peter sits looking at Canada, with a fire, glass of wine and an ipad....bliss! 

Taking everyone for a walk....4 adults, 3 dogs, 1 teenager and 1 infant...

Did we mention one dog was blind and one ancient.....herding cats should be changed to herding dogs...

The bridge to Canada

Old sardine factory

The family

Last outing for the snowsuit.....yes, it snowed, in May....:)

Snug as a bug

Playing football in the street at night.