Thursday, March 26, 2015


Our first family shot. So glad we asked Jen Stevens to help us chronicle this little guys arrival. She came to the hospital to take some photos when he was just 8hrs old, then we went to her studio when he was 11 days old. We're still waiting on most of the studio ones, but the hospital ones are wonderful, and make our hearts full remembering those first few hours.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A new beginning........

This little guy came into our life on March 5th,  the day after his due date, weighing in at 6lbs 4oz, our little peanut. The path for us to have little Dylan wasn't a straight or easy one, we ended up needing IVF to conceive, which is far from a straightforward process. We've chronicled our IVF journey over here if you have any interest in reading about our journey. We found blogs so helpful to us during our treatment, we decided to start one ourselves in the hopes it might help someone else one day.

Needless to say our life has changed, and we are so thrilled to share our adventures with our son. His conception and pregnancy weren't straightforward, and neither was his birth (though it was much better than the birth we'd been told to prepare for - preterm and potential C-section). On his due date we went in for an ultrasound, to check on how he was doing (this was a regular process in our pregnancy), they found he had low amniotic fluid and whisked us off to labor and delivery to be induced. Not being dilated at all, they gave me cervadil at 6pm, hoping for me to dilate overnight, ready to start pitocin in the morning. After playing some card games we went to sleep, prepped for a big day starting early in the morning.

At 1am the little guy had other ideas and contractions started hard. We started walking around the halls, excited we were about to meet our little man, and trying to keep moving to work through the contractions. They quickly got harder and faster, some classic back labor but with the added touch of induction from the cervadil (rare, but happens). After 6hrs even the bathtub wasn't helping, and hearing we were only at 3cm, a pain pill followed to try and give me an hour or two break to sleep. Though I fell asleep, with every contraction (2-3 minutes at this point) I woke up with hard back labor, struggled through and immediately fell asleep after. Needless to say, an epidural followed! Though the epidural didn't totally take, it did make it so I could rest some, and after a total of 30hrs of labor, our little man came into the world. His entrance was quiet, and though that worried us, he was fine, just took some convincing to cry out. After pooping on me, and peeing on his dad, they took him over to clean him up and check him over. Perfectly healthy.

We stayed in the hospital a few extra days, as he was having blood sugar issues they wanted to see resolved. After working through a feeding plan (breast, pumping and formula) his numbers increased and we came home. Still to this day I look at him and a little stir in my brain can't quite believe he's here and he's ours. Here's to the new, improved, adventures. Welcome baby Dylan.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Me thinks we might need that new roof sooner than we hoped........i.e. we shouldn't have icicles quite like this! We knew we'd need a new roof within 5 years when we bought the place, so it's been 3, nearly 4 years..........but considering we JUST this week, ordered the new windows for this summers upstairs renovate project, that's going to hurt........

Monday, February 9, 2015

...and more snow....

Turns out Juno was just the start, so far we've had 5 storms giving us more than 6 inches of snow per storm since Juno hit. Our driveway is now about half the size with all the plowed snow piles....we are really running out of room to put more snow.......and today another 5-8inches is predicted!

Still, it's beautiful, I love this time of year. The pathways through the snow are now well above both dogs heads, so we can look out the window and all we see are these two tails trotting along. Barkley has even found her spry youth, and has been chasing Brody down the tunnels, all we can see is his tail followed by this wildly wagging Barkley tail. It's pretty cute for a 14 year old! The only one who really doesn't like it is Zoe, she's usually such an outdoor cat, and instead is inside causing terror on everything instead because she's bored.

Polar Bear!

Barkley for scale! 

Some Super Bowl watching (Barkley was enthralled). 

The snow piles are well above her head, but even the tunnels are up there now! 

Shoveling the deck before the next storm. There's just been so much snow load we worried about the weight on the deck! 

It's time for bed people! 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Survived the storm!

...and it really wasn't bad - no, I wouldn't have wanted to drive anywhere in it, it was definitely a bad blizzard, but we didn't even lose power. As a consequence it didn't even feel like a snow day, Brandon and I both worked from home hoping power would get kicked out and we could goof off and play board games in front of the fire. But no. Ah well, it made for some beautiful snow photos this morning!


Something smells good under all this stuff......

The driveway.....

Brody for scale...!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Winter Storm Juno (aka Nor'Beaster)

A big snow storm on the way. We think they're overestimating, since it's really the first major storm we've had this year. But it does look like we'll get some high winds and at least a foot, so power outs are pretty likely. Today was just a beautiful day, warm (40F) and sunny, reminds me of why I love Maine in the winter, everything just looks crisp and clean.

Here are some Pre-Storm photos to compare to later!

House Front, Urn for scale.

Side of the house

Other side of the house, looking to the Little Red Chicken Shed

Chickens got prepped with a little outdoor run time. Even with corn it's hard to get them to venture into the snow, so it was brief. They have this enclosed area plus indoors with plenty of roost space when they don't want to go outside. 

Looking down the garden - that's our wooden planter in the middle. 

Looking down the side of the house, see parts of the garden boxes. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Guest Bathroom Complete!

Original when we moved in! 

To this with just a coat of green paint.....the pink had to go! 

And from the small sink and contractor quality toilet.....

To the finished product, with new flooring too! 

The sink is WAY better than the old one, much more of a fit for the room. 

Looking out into the hall. It's super nice to have all the trim painted now too, before it was several different shades of white, now, it's just white.

A better size mirror and light fixture makes it complete.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy Birthday to my Brandon

I couldn't have wished for anything more amazing to enter my life when you did. Barkley thinks so too.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

German Lemon Cake

My indoor Meyer lemon tree finally ripened a lemon (we can't remember when it appeared, but it must be over 6 months ago now!). So today I made German Lemon Cake (link here). I actually used a suggestion from one of the comments and instead of rum put in lemon juice and the rind. It was delicious, a very typical dense german cake, but the lemony interior and lemon glaze made it still nice and moist. Who said you can't grow lemons in Maine?