Tuesday, January 26, 2016


We got back from Alaska a few days ago, and have just about readjusted to East Coast time. We had a great time - my research went well, and Dylan is quite the easy traveller. I loved having my boys with me on this trip, made the 2 weeks far more bearable! Next stop, Sweden in April!

The pictures are in a weird order....not quite sure why....but....

Our hotel in Juneau

Having a swing in Boston pre-flight

Sleepy boy on the plane, he was so so good on all four flights! 

Luckily Alaska has his favorite yogurt! 

The Mendenhall Glacier

Daddy and Dylan out for coffee 

Out for a hike around the river. 

Walking on Mendenhall Lake

Mummy's dive gear is fun! 

The airport in Boston....diving and baby + ton of gear! 

Just going for a stroll....

The shrine

Mummy's science box is fun....

Reading about Alaska's bears

Someone loved playing in our kitchenettes cupboards...

The Shrine

Looking out over Douglas Island we saw humpbacks and Orca

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas from Maine!

Some pics from the season and a promise to update more often! Little guy is growing fast, we all survived Antarctica unscathed, he's crawling and climbing up a storm (and pulling up on everything!), we're all headed to Alaska in January (I have fieldwork and we didn't want to be apart again!). Should be a fun year - hope you've all had a great 2015 and Christmas season! 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Food Food, Glorious Food!

Out little guy has been "eating food" for a week now, and so far is loving it. We wanted to go the "baby led weaning" route of giving just whole foods to chew on, but our daycare is more comfortable with mush, so we decided to do a mixture of both. We'd hoped he'd just have mush at lunch with daycare, and whole foods with us, but it turns out the little guy loves his mush as much as chewing on large pieces of broccoli.....so we now do both for him!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

British Leanings

North Carolina

Long time no update, sorry! Where to start.....I guess our trip to North Carolina to visit Brandon's grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins. This was in late July, Dylan was just shy of 5 months and did fantastically. Two planes down and two planes back and not a single grumble on any of them. The wall to wall traffic from Boston to Maine.....not so much!

Dylan and I spent all four flights this way.....:)

Starbucks to keep us all going! 

Meeting great-grandma! 

Meeting his second cousins! 

Smily boy....even in 100F heat! 

Great grandma and great grandpa! 

We visited Fort Fisher, an old colonial sand fort. 

and the Battleship North Carolina

Climbing through the ship!

The North Carolina aquarium was awesome! 

Four generations of Kellers!