Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Toys

Some nice new toys from my mum to the doggies....:)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Deck Transformation!

The last few weekends we've been transforming the deck - giving it a good thick coat of paint to cover the cracks and hopefully make it last another 5+ years (until we can get trex....which after this adventure, we've both decided is a splendid idea!). The good news is the structure of the deck is in really good shape. The bad news is the boards and railings were in really poor shape. So a lot of pressure washing, sanding, rescrewing, supporting and painting later....and we have a deck we're happy to sit on....:) Make turns out spindles on decks have ALOT of surface area....this project took at least triple the time we thought it would! But we're happy, and it's a cheap fix, which also makes us happy....:)

The sanding phase. Luckily it's been super sunny and warm in Maine this last few weeks! 

The house when I bought it! Snow on the ground, but note the bright blue shutters and the brown deck. 

Pre-deck project! 

And the final product! There is still some touch up to do, but rain is forecast for this weekend, so we're happy with where it is for a while. 

The deck boards to start.....

Sanding made them change colour.....
And the final product! We went for a grey/blue on the boards and handrails, and white on the spindles. It looks awesome, and we think it goes with the house super nicely. 

The stairs pre...

The! I do like the two colours, and note here the new shutter colour - more of a dark blue/green....less so much in this house.....:)