Sunday, December 21, 2014


 So much has been going on this December that i've forgotten to post on it until now! The big news, we're back in our bedroom and have a gorgeous master bathroom!

Brandon's wall patching, came out really well! 

Old Barkley Bear, getting quite white in the face. 

The annual making of the mincemeat! 
Tiling! Vinyl tiles, but groutable, they came out really well, and are definitely warmer on the feet in winter than ceramic tiles...though I still think heated floors would have been awesome...

They came in quite an array of patterns, so really did go down well. 

Tiling the cupboard. 

And some more creativity, cupcake toppers for a friends Christmas party.

Santa had an accident! 

Our friend Karter came over to help us with our tree. 

The finished product! 

The floor really did come out well, though I love all of it! 

This Christmas we have two chinese students from work staying with us - they're headed back home on the 27th, but had to be out of the University dorm by the 19th, so they're staying with us for Christmas week. They really helped out with the prep for the Annual British Christmas Dinner! 

They even folded napkins into boats to go with our underwater theme! 

Some animal love going on by the fire. 

Peter lighting the Christmas Pudding! 

And a game of pictionary to top it all off. Girls V Boys. Despite a good start, the boys did win.....