Sunday, May 31, 2009

Quick trip to the beach

After being exhausted for most of the day, working for a good few hours this afternoon and a trip to the super market, Jenny called with the most awesome idea - a quick evening trip to the beach! It was so nice, we only went for an hour or so, but it was so much cooler dipping in the ocean (it has been 92F up in Manoa today - where it is generally cooler than anywhere else!). Little Hannah joined us too and we even watched a little of the sunset. Beautiful! 

It has been a really hot day, and for the first time in over a year, I actually have the AC on tonight to cool it down before I go to bed. The thing is so noisy I couldn't sleep through it, and I really hate how much electricity those things use up, but I really didn't sleep last night, even with the fan on me full tilt. It also works well to get the humidity out of the apartment, and the geckos! Last night I had 5 geckos running around my ceiling chasing each other. Cute, but also NOISY!  

After a good snooze, Hannah woke up and helped me check out all the beach boys. 

Even a little dipping of the toes with mamma, though she wasn't too impressed by that. She did seem to love how much cooler it was down there though. It really was such a great idea! 

The sun setting over west Oahu. Though there was no wind some of the sailboats were out. We think they were probably tourist boats, keeping the sails up for appearances.....well, they certainly made a good photo. 

Todays run

I don't know if I didn't eat enough this morning (I ran at 6.45am), ran to fast to start (I had my best ever first 4 miles!), or it was just too hot (85F and no wind!), but I am totally wiped out today. After such a great start too! I ended up walking probably the last 1/2 mile, and from mile 7 did a very pathetic walk/run....

Doesn't make me feel great as that is probably my last big run before the big day. That said, even if I go the overall pace I went today, I should still make it in in around 3hrs (my goal), so I shouldn't feel too bad. I just hope I don't feel quite as crap as I did today...... 

Saturday, May 30, 2009


A few weekends ago I just needed a few hours to do "something else". Anything, it didn't matter what. This is usually the point where I would scoop up a few kids, play in the garden, go to the beach and just have some "kid time" and not even try and be an adult for a few hours, I find that very relaxing. Unfortunately I do not know many people with kids here, Hannah has a few years to go, but we've already had words about getting into trouble together later and I think she's onboard. I've just signed up to work with a children's charity here that brings together families that have been separated by the foster process (so many big families here in Hawaii that it's usually impossible to keep the children together if they have to go into foster care) for an afternoon every month. Not sure when our first 'play date' will be, but that will be fun, rewarding and probably challenging when it happens. 

So back to the other weekend. I decided just to do something I hadn't done before. Tie Dye. Yes believe it or not I never did this as a kid and have always wanted to try. The last few weeks i'd been thinking of doing it to some boring pillowcases I have to spruce them up. So I went out and got a kids kit (which worked out cheaper than buying the individual parts, and I can re-use the bottles next time) and a few other t-shirts and onesies to play with at the same time and had a great time on the deck. The frogs thought I was nuts, but thats nothing new. 

I tried a couple of different patterns just to play with. The bottles were super easy, I'm glad I went that route. Fill the bottles with dye, rubber band the cloth where you want the pattern and squirt away. 

The shirts and onesies I made for little people came out much better than my pillowcases (but I will post a picture, once I get out of bed and off the pillows!), here are two particularly cute ones wearing the t-shirts......

And this is probably the reason I never did this as a child. Note to self, bring back gloves from work, do not use the ones in the box! At least i'm a histologist, so I could blame the dye on "work".......:0)

So there we are, another crafting tool in my box of knowledge. With great results too, will definitely do this again! 

Friday, May 29, 2009

Morning 5 Miler and Mighty Mollie

This news story both made me cry this morning and spurred me on on my morning 5 miler (I didn't go yesterday, so bumped it to this morning). A story on Mighty Mollie by NBC Augusta. You guys are just amazing. 

So if you haven't donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society this year - you can sponsor me here - for the Hibiscus Half Marathon in just 2 weeks! 

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Anyone out there every have them? I didn't think I ever had, but it turns out that a weird nagging ear ache i've been having over the last few years, may actually be a migraine. I saw a nice neurologist today, who admitted he wasn't sure, but from everything he said it actually totally made sense. Really painful (one sided) ear ache that only lasts a few hours, then disappears and might not reappear for a month. No headache though, so it hadn't even occurred it might be a migraine. They've been happening more frequently, so I finally went and saw an ENT, who sent me to a neurologist. Initially I thought I was being given the run around, but the guy this morning seemed really thorough. So I have two pills, take one next time it comes up, if it does something it's a migraine, if it doesn't it's probably something else. Try it twice, reevaluate. 

I'm also having a hearing test tomorrow to see how bad my left ear has got (it's been getting progressively worse for a while now), so that'll be interesting......

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Training Schedule

Monday - 5 mile walk with Alison
Tuesday - 5 mile run
Wednesday - 3 mile run
Thursday - 5 mile run
Friday - Rest (and pottery!)
Saturday - Rest or swim
Sunday - 10 mile run!

Thats it, i'm up to the highest weekly mileage on my calendar. To me it's weird that I wouldn't at least try to run the 13.1 miles once before the race, but thats the training schedule (and all seem to be that way). I am wondering about trying to run/walk the 13.1 on the weekend rather than just 10. Guess i'll decide on the day. Next week the training goes a little screwy as I head to Maui. Yikes, 2.5 weeks to go! 

My learning experience of this week - rubbing spots! So my chunky thighs have always rubbed (and always have even as a teen, so i'm not expecting that to go away!) and I wear long compression shorts to stop any sore spots. This weekends 9 mile was hot, and for the first time I ended up with too little spots under my arms! Took me a while to realise where they came from, but I guess next time I do a long one I need to slaver the vaseline there. 

I have to be careful where I clip my ipod too, that has caused a rub when I have put it on my shorts. This weekend I also ran without it for the first time (I ran out of batteries!), and though the start sucked, it was actually fine after I got used to not having my music blasting. It's not obvious if i'm going to be allowed to wear it on the day (most races do not let you, but they actually don't say), so figured I'd better try and get used to running without just in case. It really does provide a lot of motivation for me, but it was good to know I can do without.  

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Only by going alone in silence, without baggage, can one truly get into the heart of the wilderness. All other travel is mere dust and hotels and baggage and chatter"
John Muir

I can't wait for Haleakala in 2 weeks.........

People suck

One of THOSE days.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Todays Run

Of Plastic Bags and Balloons....

There's something i've been wanting to post on for a while, and a post by NEA reminded me about it. Check out this slideshow NEA linked to on "Why Plastic Bags Should be Banned' (use the scroll on the right to scroll down). Good smattering of facts and pictures to illustrate a really good point. 

So these pictures are what I wanted to post, they are from 2000m depth in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (1000 nautical miles from anywhere). Recognise it? - 

It's a mylar balloon. Those silver type balloons sold with helium in them and pretty ribbons. The silver has washed out leaving it clear, and it's wrapped around a deep-sea coral. I really dislike these balloons. Admittedly places now tend to sell them with a weight attached so they don't fly away, but some do still escape. We often see trash in the deep ocean, but it amazed us all when we saw this. Who knows where it came from. 

If you're going to get helium balloons, please get the latex ones which are natural and will biodegrade easily (and are cheaper than the metallic ones too!). If you're going to put a ribbon on them, use biodegradeable ribbon, or tie a weight to it so they don't fly away. These balloons do end up somewhere when they fly away, they don't just disappear.....

More geckos...

Indoor geckos this time. I'm amazed at how different they are actually - the shape of the tail in particular. 

Saturday, May 23, 2009

So pretty

Little guy jumped out at me when I went to sit on my deck. 

Did I mention how much I love my camera?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ug week

I would say thank god it's friday tomorrow, but that really has no bearing on my weekend, it's still going to be filled with work work and more work (though admittedly also a delicious Bogarts bfast on saturday with Olivia, and a swim with Jenny and Hannah on sunday, so I can't really complain too hard). 

I've been writing two proposals to go back to the Antarctic (I am now officially on "soft money", meaning I have to bring in 100% of my salary through proposals and teaching) and I really can't wait until they are in. Except it doesn't stop there, after they go in, I have two more to submit to the next deadline........and two papers to write........and a job to find.......not to mention lab work to do..........

One good thing (I think) though, I picked up some more teaching for the fall - i'm moving onto teaching undergrads (I've only taught grad students up until now) - which should be both fun, and a way to keep employed for a little longer. Unfortunately this is only to the tune of 2 months of salary, but every little helps, i'm now solid through May next year. Now just to find another 20 years worth.........

So my ways to get a little relaxation everyday? Everyday I water my garden and take a good look at how it's changed day by day. From the "weed" fern at the top there (which I have been told I should pull), to my fruits and vegetables below. To me they're all beautiful and relaxing, even in 5 minutes a day. 

Time to repot and separate the baby tomatoes. The bigger plants (still alive from last year and repotted and fertilized) now have flowers - mmmmm, cherry tomatoes are my favourite! 

The papaya leaves are now over my head! To think not that long ago they were less than knee high.....

Mint, the miracle plant. A house in the valley has a whole carpet of mint in their front yard, when I run by there, I like to brush up against it and get a little pick-me-up as i'm lagging. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Training Schedule

Just back from my first run of the week and thought I would post my schedule. It's getting up there now - 22 miles a week! I just had a great first run of the week too. My left calf was still tight from my 9 miles on sunday, so I thought before I left i'd probably bail on a long one and do my short one tonight, but wow, I got in the zone and off I went! I'm getting there! 

Monday - Rest (eat pizza and drink wine with Laura!)
Tuesday - 5 miles
Wednesday - 3 miles
Thursday - 5 miles
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 50 minute swim
Sunday - 9 miles

Shoe Update - So I kept the shoes. I still seem to get really tight calves when I run, but I haven't had the numbness issues as much (occasional, but not run stopping). I've been more diligent about stretching and now always ice them for ten minutes after, that seems to keep the soreness to a better level. It's something I was hoping would work it's way through, but it's interesting it's still with me, even now when i'm a much stronger runner than I was and have lost some weight too. Definitely much improved with stretching, so I think maybe I need to go to a yoga class to get my flexibility back. 

Interestingly when I do my runs at Diamondhead on the weekend, where i run around the park first (~2 miles) and then up, I don't get as sore, even though my mileage is more than my weekday runs. I think going on the flat I just warm up better, whereas here, it's all down to start and maybe I just don't get as well stretched out prior. I also tend to try and rush more on the weekdays, as i'm usually fighting daylight by the time I get home from work, whereas the sunday run is dedicated, early morning and maybe i'm just more focused on it.  

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Daily Hawaii

Some pix from my little slice of Hawaii......

The view down the street. I just love the big trees here, and how they create their own arbors over the roads and the roots pull up the tarmac. 

A lot of the houses back here have these fish flags flying - Japanese Koi Carp, celebrating Children's day (May 5th). These fish represent sons in the household, the houses have different numbers and different sizes and colours depending on how many sons they have. 

The beautiful tropical plants, in many shades of purple...

I love being surrounded by the mountains on one side and the ocean on the other, it's the best of both worlds. 

The chinese cemetery in Manoa. My daily run takes me past here, and I often see beautiful displays of flowers and lei's on the graves. 

Manoa stream, though it looks inviting, has leptospirosis, so no swimming. 
The rec center in Manoa, where I swim in the free pool. This is the view I get when I swim. Pretty sweet huh. 

Looking down into Manoa valley from the top of the 'killer stairs'. 

Kapiolani park. This is in downtown Waikiki and is one of the major parks in Honolulu. Overlooked by Diamondhead volcano, this is where the half marathon will start and end. 

A view of the track around Kapiolani park with more beautiful tropical trees. 

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Movie Recommendation.....

Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus

You know with a title like that you have to click the link and look at the's going to be the next best thing........:0)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fun lovin' Friday!

Happy Friday! 

I thought I'd post on some things that i'm loving around my tiny house right now. Here we go........

Both the individual snack cups and the chocolate pudding! I discovered chocolate pudding for the first time before the Torres del Paine hike, and wow, it's a great treat. This one is all fat and sugar free, so not so bad for you either, but also not as tasty as the full version...:0) 

My real love here is the snack cups - they are so useful. 1/2 cup sizes, so I measure out my snacks for the day (usually nuts, raisins or cranberries) and know what portion i'm eating and how many calories that is. So useful. If I took a bag of pistachios into work, the entire bag would be gone by the end of the day - these really help! 

My friendly fornicating frogs. I love them so. Useful? Not really, but they make me smile every morning when I look over my balcony into the garden and see them scatter. 

My garden! I have another pepper coming through and the peas are looking great! I love to grow my own food, so tasty delicious and right there waiting, not going bad in the fridge. 

Wicker baskets. So many uses, so pretty, so many shapes and sizes. I love that my bathroom has the counter space for some baskets. 

My iPod shuffle. Wow, this little thing has been a close companion of mine, I couldn't imagine lugging my large iPod on my runs, this clips right onto my shorts and off we go. And it has 4hrs of songs or something on there. I'm thinking of getting another one in case this one fails, as they've changed the style and I don't like the new one as much as this one. 

The hits right now, Rolling Stones, Queen, Beatles and the Creedence Clearwater Revival.........almost time for a new mix.......

Ice packs. Enough said.

This book my mum gave me - I wish I could see the series - eventually i'm sure it'll catch up here. It has some quirky things, and I haven't tried anything out yet, but i'm looking forward too. Maybe i'll post some recipes too! 

Too much choice....

Way too much choice, and this is just a small selection of what I happen to have. I know salt replacement for sweating is really important, and have been using a homemade gatorade recipe I found online (but now seem unable to re-find it....) having a small glass before and a popsicle made out of it after a run (along with a glass of water). Here is the recipe - 

Can frozen Orange Juice (I'm using Orange/Pineapple or Orange/Pineapple/Banana)
Water to make up to 2L
Pinch of salt

But I have been a little worried it's not covering all of the nutrients I need, and is also not what is going to be available during the race, so figured i'd better try a few of the pre-made versions too. Anyone have any thoughts? I guess i just read somewhere (again one of my famous "I can't find it again" reads) that the homemade energy drinks out of orange juice don't cover all the electrolytes you need. Hmmmm. 

Last weekend Jenny had mentioned energy gel packets too (concentrated carbohydrate goo) and I tried one at 45 minutes into my 7 mile run, and boy, it really helped! So i'm kind of sold on those and will definitely carry a packet or two on the long runs, but again, it's never simple, as there are different brands and people seem to swear on one or the other, so I have a few varieties to go through. 

So complicated! 

I'm now 1 month until race day, so figured i'd better start figuring this stuff out now! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Melting away...

Well, not quite, but I am loosing it. Weight that is. Though probably brain matter too at this point. I'm still mired in proposals and will be until June 8th, when, as coincidence will have it, I will also be jumping on a plane and heading to Maui for a hike into Haleakala crater, staying in a rustic cabin down there for 2 nights, exploring and then hiking back out. At that point, I will more than need the brain recovery. Short, but very very sweet. The next weekend I kill myself in a half marathon.......

Anyway, back to topic, loosing weight. I am at this point afraid to jinx the situation, but have in fact lost 7lbs since getting back from the UK. Of course I also put on 5lbs while I was in the UK, but that is besides the point. 7lbs. I'm now around what I was before I went to the Antarctic so many times last year (those ships are NOT good for the waistline). So I still have some to go, I would like to loose another 5-10lbs (stopping at whenever I feel is good). I do feel a lot fitter than I did before though, and that has made a big difference. 

So the secret - well the running i'm sure is helping more than a little, as is enforcing doing something sweaty 4 times a week, but this last 2 weeks i've been stringent on calorie counting, which I actually think is making the most difference. I've upped my exercise in the past, and it's never made much of a dent in my weight, but 7lbs in 3 weeks i'm pretty proud of. 

I downloaded an App for my iPhone that I input with the food I eat everyday (as I carry it around all the time, it works for me). So I can see where I am in my total calories for the day (1200 is my goal) and also how i've done for the week. You can also add all kinds of exercise which knocks off calories too.  Now I don't think this is the most healthy way to eat by any stretch - I'm pretty sure eating a salad (without dressing) or fruit is better for you than fat free chocolate pudding, yet the later has less calories. But you know, it's working for now, it is making more conscious that my snacking on even healthy things does add up (almonds and pistachos are a favorite), and it does give me an idea of how much different exercises are really helping me. It's also helping me spread my food over the day, rather than sticking to 3 big meals, just to keep myself from being hungry, and, for me anyway (with stomach issues), is a better way of eating in general. I'm also taking my vitamins, just to be sure of getting what I need. 

So for the next 2 weeks i'll continue with calorie limiting myself. At that point I start getting into much longer daily runs with my training and think I want to start increasing my calorie intake accordingly (maybe i'll keep using the App, just have it set higher). But for me to run this, I needed to loose some pounds not to kill my knees and hips, so it's been great. Not to mention I am now officially within my weight category, rather than 'overweight', as I have been for a while. 

It's amazing to think I used to be able to eat ANYTHING and it wouldn't make a dent in my weight, but over the last few years, it's really crept up, so it's definitely been time to kick that in the butt, quite literally, and i'm glad it's finally happening! 

So who knew - exercise AND diet really do work.....:0)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

An Awesome Sunday!

What a great sunday! Today was so much fun. It started this morning with finalizing flights and cabins for a 3 day hiking trip into Haleakala Crater on Maui for my birthday in June. Had this planned for a while and now it's set! 

Then a wonderful family beach day with Jenny, Doug, Baby Hannah and her Grandma Louis. Jenny and I even got a good swim in too - out to the flag and back at Kaimana Beach (I have to find out how far that is one day)! We then had lunch at the Kona Brewpub, mmmmmm, delicious Kahlua pig sandwich! Then into work to clean out the baby corals, write a couple of exam questions for tomorrow, and home in time for a quick change into running gear and a 7 mile run around Diamondhead crater - and I feel great! I ran almost all of it, did a warm up and good stretch and beat my last time - 1hr 20 minutes - not too bad for this sluggish novice....:0)

Now i'm laid out on the couch, my calves on ice, doing some work on proposals, watching some TV and catching up with some blogs. Going to head to bed for an early night too (and I just bought a memory foam topper for my bed, so no more sore spots!). 

What an awesome Sunday - hope you all had good ones too! 

Training Schedule - 
Monday - Rest and stretch
Tuesday - 4.5 miles
Wednesday - 3 miles (or a swim)
Thursday - 4.5 miles
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Swim or short run
Sunday - 8 mile run

ps.....did I mention my Green and Black Poison Dart Froggies are mating right now? Every morning out by the Papaya trees for the last 3 days! 

Baby Make for New Mamma's

I'm so proud of myself with these I can hardly contain it. So simple and yet they came out so well. Why didn't I think of it before! 

Little babies both love high contrast pictures and it's good for eye development. Those cards can run at a good few dollars, so why not make your own I thought. Not that i'm the first person to think of this (look here, here and here for my inspiration), but boy they are easy, effective and cheap to make. 

For me it was really cheap, as the only thing I bought was Scotch Self Stick Laminating Pouches ($3.50 for 5 at a local craft store) to make them a little more baby friendly, but if you have good card you don't even really need that. Here is the list of items - 

Card - already in notecard format or a larger sheet to cut down
Sharpies or Crayons - worked well with black crayon too, and that way kids can join in
Stencils - I was going to copy from the internet, but discovered I had these stencils in my craft box
Laminating Pouches - the self stick kind if you don't have a laminator
Ribbon - optional, and I found thinner looks better

Make two pictures (I put a combination of a 'picture' on one side and a bold pattern on the other) put them back to back and seal with the laminating pouch. Use an exacto knife or razor blade to cut a small slit at the top, thread through ribbon and tie. Viola, awesome baby gift that will keep the little one amused! 

Total cost - $7 for ten cards (two sets of gifts) and about an hour in front of a movie while doing laundry. Not bad! 

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy (USA) Mother's Day!

Happy Mothers day to one in particular, to first-timers - (my sister in law) Claire, Melissa and Jenny, and to every other mother out there too! 

Friday, May 8, 2009

What's in your wallet?

One of my many constant battles - keeping my wallet to less than the size of a brick. So as I pulled it all out again today (it was only 2 weeks ago when I got back from the UK that I did this!) I thought that would make a good photo. So what do I have in my wallet - and what do you have in your wallets?

Driving license
University ID
Debits cards
Costco Card
REI Card (pretty useless here in Hawaii)
Safeway Card
Various gift cards
Donor Card (all be it from the UK, since I can't donate anything here, being that I have mad cow disease and all)
SeaFood Watch card for Hawaii
Bostons Pizza 'buy 5 get a free pizza' card (yum!)
Photo of me, mum and Sophie
American Airlines Platinum Exec card
Various business cards (mine and other peoples)
Car insurance card
$10 and change

Happy Weekend!

My friend Adam just sent me this photo, and it made me smile so much this morning I thought I would share. Little Elise hanging out with her pinguino......wonder where she got that....:0) 

Have a good one! 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


A friend of mine put me on to the Map My Run online tool (i'd just been using google maps to plan my routes), and I discovered this evening that my 4 mile loop is actually a 4.5 mile loop, which is funny to me because i'd been racking my brain as to how to add in another .5 miles to my regular run to get on par with training this week.....

4.5 (apathetic) miles in 55 minutes tonight. Made an important discovery too. Go before you run. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Busy Busy, Bad Bad, Good Good

Well, I fell of the wagon today, but, since it's early in the week, I am hoping to make it up. So I was supposed to do a 4.5 mile run today. Instead I did no exercise and just had McDonalds for dinner (at 9.30pm). Bummer. 

My excuse, well I had really bad insomnia last night, couldn't get to decent sleep until 4am, woke up at 6am, tossing and turning (this is not unusual, happens for about a week a month, worse if I have a lot on, which I happen to right now), so really did not feel up to dragging my body on a run this morning. 

Went into work at 8am. Flat out, it's proposal time, plus trying to finish 2 papers (should be writing a 3rd), finishing up teaching, entertaining NSF big wigs....the list goes on at the moment (this is the trouble with actually being IN Hawaii!). But after work I did not go on a run, I did something else for me that i've wanted to do for a while now. 

I went to a Red Cross Training night, basically an orientation in to how you can volunteer with the Red Cross within State and in other States too. It was interesting for the most part (as I already know that I want to volunteer, I didn't really need it sold to me quite as they did - but to go further you have to attend the orientation) and i've signed up. I learnt a lot about the Red Cross too, most of the disasters they attend are close to home - house fires are the most common here in Hawaii. They basically need people to go to these emergencies and help with the aftermath of a fire or flood - so making sure people have somewhere to stay (and if they don't arrange hotels/shelters), money, food and a plan for what to do next - nothing right on the line, just there for assistance should people need it. They have very flexible schedules for when you volunteer too, and the kind of things you volunteer with (from transferring dispatch phone calls (from home), to driving trucks, to filling in paperwork for people, to attending the scene and providing needed help), so it fits well with my hectic schedule. 

I'm excited to be here to get to do this, I have a way to go though, there are quite a number of training opportunities to do depending on what I want to volunteer in, including updating my CPR, which is well out of date now. See how it goes.

So a bad day for marathon training, a busy day for work, but a good day for me. And it's only tuesday, so i hope to make up the difference by the time sunday comes rolling around. 

New Mug

Just stopped by the glazing room and some of my things have been fired! So i'm now drinking out of my new 'at-sea' mug! I still need to sand and put no slip on the bottom, but I couldn't resist trying it out. Even holds a 'large' cup of coffee out of my new coffee machine. Woo hoo! 

Sunday, May 3, 2009

In need of a soundtrack...

I'm in need of a running soundtrack, got any suggestions? My companion on my training runs is my iPod Shuffle, one of the best inventions of the century in my opinion, and though I have a good mix on there that I enjoy, i'm getting a little bored of it (4 times a week for a month and it's time for a change). Any good suggestions out there for music to run to, please post a comment! 

Todays long run went well. There are two major things that I need to do in my training (other than figure out how to run that far!) that i'm trying to get into slowly - 1. Running in the AM (I usually run in the evenings, and the race starts at 6am) and 2. Running in the heat (though it's warmer than most places here, Manoa valley is a good few celcius cooler than Diamondhead, where the race will be). So today, I did both, and I feel great! 

I went for a run on the Half Marathon route at 7.30 this morning (okay, so not 6am, but baby steps here). It was 85F, even at that time in the morning - youch! But I did 7 miles, I meant to go for 6, but managed to get lost (no comments Stian) and thought initially i'd not done as much as planned, but got home and worked out the route and it was actually 7 miles - woo hoo! I ran most of it too, but man it was hot, lots of water! I felt really good getting back to the car, and still feel pretty pleased with myself. 

I think this is the first run i've done, where i've actually thought - I can do this. 

So this weeks schedule - 

Monday - rest and stretch
Tuesday - 4.5 mile run
Wednesday - 3 mile run
Thursday - 4.5 mile run
Friday - rest
Saturday - 1hr Swim
Sunday - 5K race at Ala Moana - The Jamba Juice Banana Man Chase  - a little bizarre (yes, you chase a guy dressed as a banana for 5K around the park), but hey, i've never run a race before and people have suggested I should - this one came up, right time, good starting length! 

Have a good week! 

Spending to Save

Great article on the Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op on Spending to Save, sums up my thoughts in many ways. 

I often buy 'more expensive' clothing or items for my home, but to be honest, if I like something and it works well, I would rather it lasted for many many years, rather than having to replace it. Quality items don't always mean more expensive either, but they do usually take some searching just because of the sheer volume of "stuff" out there right now. The amount of cheap crap around annoys me a lot, yes it might be cheap and so seem like a 'good buy' at the time, but if it doesn't last was it worth it? Not to mention the ecological impact of buying things for just a season of use. This isn't to say I don't buy cheap crap sometimes, and I do weigh up prices and try to find the same item cheaper, but as an example (and I cleaned out my closet yesterday (ahhh, that felt good), I still have some shirts from 15 years ago, underwear from 9 years ago and shorts from 8 years ago that I wear on a regular basis. Not only were they made very well, in styles that last but I look after them too. Thinking of the underwear in particular, I even remember at the time (grad school....not a flush time) weighing up if I really could afford that bra/knickers set, as it was not cheap. I'm glad I did. 

Quality not quantity, you'll enjoy the fewer, better items more in the long run!

The Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op is a pretty good blog i've discovered this morning, lots of gardening tips on there too!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

How does your garden grow?

A beautiful Manoa morning. The view from my bed....:0)

This pepper is just perfect for picking - my first Hawaii produce (other than lettuce)! 

The papaya is in bloom! I think it's a bisexual flower (so should bear fruit without cross pollination) but I am having a hard time telling. My mouth is watering at the prospect of fruit! 

This wee pepper has a little way to go. They start out green then turn to yellow. 

Sunflowers starting to push through. I love dwarf sunflowers, this is just a packet mix. Not sure my little garden spot is sunny enough for them, but we'll see. 

Friday, May 1, 2009

Welcome to the world little Ian!

Welcome to the world little Ian Samuel Johnson, born yesterday at 8pm. You took your sweet time over it, but here you are, finally amongst all your lady friends! 

Congrats to Tara, Paul and big sister Keira! 

9lbs 2.2oz......ouch!