Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Couch snuggles

After a day at the grooming salon, someone was a little needy and climbed up on the couch. Then climbed up on top of me and wanted to play. Our snuggly Miss Barkley. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Signs of summer...

For me it's not just the tulips or daffodils that are starting to show, or the birds that have appeared at the feeder, or the hooting of the owl in the backyard......but the transformation of Miss Barkley Bear, to Miss Bare Barkley! 

Fuzzy Bear

Slim and Sleek! See, it was all fur.....:)

Monday, April 22, 2013

First BBQ of the summer!

We had the first BBQ of the summer this weekend - hot dogs on the deck at lunch - yeah! It's getting warm fast, though the nights are still down in the 40's. This weekend it was all about the garden again, getting it ready for summer! 

The under-deck area used to be covered in ivy - to the point where it was ripping up the deck boards. I pulled it out of the beds and pruned it way back on the trellis this weekend. Re-mulched the beds and planted a few new plants. Some bulbs have even come up - surprised to see them in an ivy bed so thick! 

Our rock garden area - cleaned up of leaves and planted some lily of the valley. It's tough finding enough shade plants to go here, but we're going to reclaim some stone to make a stone fireplace for this area soon, so it'd be nice to have some flowers in the backdrop!

The veggies are in! Under their little wax paper tepees! These "hats" help keep them warm at night, and protect them from deer eating the shoots - i'm hoping they work, it's all an experiment to see if we can extend the growing season here! 

There used to be a large decorative bush here. We pulled it out this weekend and replaced it with blueberry bushes (4 in total) and rocks reclaimed from the woods - "Blueberry Henge" we've called it! Not sure i'm going to have enough patience to wait the year or two before we get berries!

Blueberry Henge! The stones were originally placed so I could pull the hose around and not damage the plants - but we liked the henge look so much we pulled up two more rocks and placed them on the inside....:)

Monday, April 15, 2013

House projects....

 Various projects around the house have been going on - this weekend was a little overcast but we did get a bunch done in the garden. Last week was the first week without the temps going below freezing, and it looks like this week is the same - so i'm going to try and get some veggies planted soon!

No fully finished photos unfortunately - but here are some of the deck as it is now, and the compost heaps...

The deck, mid washing - it turned from grey to brown! 

The deck, pre powerwashing
The deck, after powerwashing! Now we need to sand it and paint it to hopefully make it lasta a few more years! It's in pretty rough shape in places, but it's safe and sturdy, so if we paint and seal it, we're hoping it'll last a little longer until we can afford to start replacing it. 

We've been clearing an area behind the house for compost bins and eventually a chicken house and shed. There's a lot of small trees we've taken down, and a friend is going to come over and help us with two large trees that really need to go. Brandon build two bins from pallets we found discarded from a local lumber yard - all told this project cost $20 with the extra wood needed to strengthen them! 

We have a Pooh pile. Separated from the regular pile by a double wall of pallet and some plastic sheeting (added later), this will be for the rather large 'deposits' we seem to get from two dogs, two cats (compostable litter) and two birds (newspaper and sawdust). Once it's composted we can throw it out in the woods or around trees or ornamentals without fear of it being eaten by a certain happens now if we don't get there first...... 

And the Tigger pile. Well, I didn't want to call it Non-Pooh...:) This pile is for just kitchen waste and hopefully will make compost for the garden veggies! 

Brandon, picking up 'deposits' for the Pooh Pile. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chief cat-food taster at work....

While wandering the aisles of Pet Smart, Barkley decided to take a detour and tried to convince us the cats wanted Friskies......

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

Okay, i'll admit it, Brandon and I completely forgot about Easter. To the point where we loaded the car with recyclables to take to the transfer station and got all the way there before the penny dropped that it was Easter, so they wouldn't be open! Brandon's brother and sister in law were in town from Seattle, staying with his parents in Skowhegan, so they all came down in the afternoon for a tour of the Darling Marine center and Pemaquid lighthouse. 

It was a beautiful weekend - sunshine, 65F - so we worked in the garden on saturday and sunday morning. Taking down some smaller trees, clearing up leaves, reclaiming some of the yard from years of overgrowth. We even got the deck furniture out and basked in the sunshine for a little while on saturday. 

Touring the Darling Marine Center. 

Everyone thought our new "safety" sign on the pier (which we scuba dive off) was funny.....

At Pemaquid point.