Sunday, June 29, 2014

Midsummer Weekend!

Midsummer is here! Wow time flies, feels like the summer has only just begun. This week the chicken shed was finally delivered and installed - so cute! So this weekend we (and that'll be the royal 'we', as Brandon did pretty much everything!) painted, adjusted and moved in the older chicks. The younger chicks are still inside, but we hope to move them into the outside brooder hutch this week, then integrate the whole flock next weekend! 

Inside before. 

Starting to paint! 

Our little red chicken shed! 

Partition wall goes up - back will be chickens, front is storage. 

The older chicks are ready to get into their larger home! 

The garden is growing nicely, lots of rhubarb and peas! 

Not as many blueberries as last year, but we'll still have some! 

First of a large looking strawberry crop! 

Adding the chicken door to an outer chain link fenced area. This will be super secure (dug in fence) with a roof, and then there will be another door to an outer large area which will just have a 6ft fence around it. This outer secure fence will allow us to leave them for a few days if we go away and still let them have an outside run to wander in that's secure from predators. It also gives a little covered outdoor area for winter, so they can still wander a little if they want to. 

Putting the 'brooder' hutch into the outer fence area. We'll move the younger chicks in there this week so they can all interact through the fence for a few days. Hopefully next weekend we can have everyone together in one flock finally! Then this hutch will go into storage until we have another set of chicks in a few years! 

Roosting pole made from some of the tree limbs that came down this winter. 

First night in the new shed, and of course they decide to sleep in the nesting boxes! Soon they'll hopefully be big enough to roost and we'll have some eggs! 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Birthday Goings On..

There was ice-cream for all.

A new ice-cream maker (thanks Mum!), which is just dangerous.....

A new drysuit....though this one was given to me by Waterproof, to wear for work. 

And the peonies have bloomed!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014