Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Me thinks we might need that new roof sooner than we hoped........i.e. we shouldn't have icicles quite like this! We knew we'd need a new roof within 5 years when we bought the place, so it's been 3, nearly 4 years..........but considering we JUST this week, ordered the new windows for this summers upstairs renovate project, that's going to hurt........

Monday, February 9, 2015

...and more snow....

Turns out Juno was just the start, so far we've had 5 storms giving us more than 6 inches of snow per storm since Juno hit. Our driveway is now about half the size with all the plowed snow piles....we are really running out of room to put more snow.......and today another 5-8inches is predicted!

Still, it's beautiful, I love this time of year. The pathways through the snow are now well above both dogs heads, so we can look out the window and all we see are these two tails trotting along. Barkley has even found her spry youth, and has been chasing Brody down the tunnels, all we can see is his tail followed by this wildly wagging Barkley tail. It's pretty cute for a 14 year old! The only one who really doesn't like it is Zoe, she's usually such an outdoor cat, and instead is inside causing terror on everything instead because she's bored.

Polar Bear!

Barkley for scale! 

Some Super Bowl watching (Barkley was enthralled). 

The snow piles are well above her head, but even the tunnels are up there now! 

Shoveling the deck before the next storm. There's just been so much snow load we worried about the weight on the deck! 

It's time for bed people!