Friday, April 27, 2012

Barkley's home!

Barkley's back home - all went well at the vets! Just the two top canines removed, which is great (was beginning to worry about her lack of teeth at this point!), and the lump on her leg (which went deeper than expected, but all came out and she has 5 stitches). I was up in Orono yesterday and had planned to pick her up on my way home around 6 or 7pm. But I got a phone call saying she was getting "anxious" in the crate and could someone pick her up early. Super Amy to the rescue went and got her, she was apparently sacked out behind the counter at the vets - all was well once they took her out of the crate.

Still a little groggy, and her leg is obviously hurting her, but she's up to her usual tricks and has already growled at the custodian and got treats from the grad students, so all will be well.....:0) top it I went through the bag of drugs the vet sent back, there, in a baggie, are her two extracted canines. Slighly gross. Okay, a lot gross. Now what do I do with them?

Monday, April 23, 2012

I need to start running again. Maybe writing that here rather than just talking to myself might make me actually do it. I need exercise. I need stress relief. I need a goal. Tonight might be the time to look up races, maybe a 1/2 marathon should be on the cards this year. I need to start running again....

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Well, i've been back just over a week and I think i've finally settled back in (e.g. unpacked) and am getting closer to kicking this cold (though I really wish it would go away faster). Yesterday I woke up and actually felt like I could go outside and rake leaves - it made me realise just how crummy i've been feeling this last few weeks. It's been a slow week, but amazingly i've managed to achieve a lot - taxes, car inspection, filled the oil tank. Next week is going to be a busy one too - Orono twice, diving twice, should start a big proposal, student meetings.

Miss Barkley has to go to the vet this Thursday too. She has to have three teeth removed - broken down to the root....:( - and have a lump on her leg removed. Feeling a little sad about it, was pretty sad when I took her to the vet for surgery last year after she arrived, she just looks so forlorn when I take her in. I know she'll be fine, but still, no fun.

So here's to a new week!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

You Tube of Conference!

I actually didn't recognize myself on this video until the image came up. Guess I can't complain too loudly anymore when folks say i'm gone american.....

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Duck and roll.....

Enjoy the sunshine....

Lay back in the grass......

Give the back a good scratch........

Look up to see who saw me do it........

Carry on as if nothing happened, with only the mass of leaves stuck in the fur as evidence......

Thursday, April 12, 2012

UK Trip

Just got into Maine and wanted to post photos i've been meaning to do over the last week. A whirlwind visit, but great to see family. Have a raging head and chest cold that i'm hoping leaves pretty soon, didn't make travel the funest today. 

Not so little Lucy, now 3 years old (last time I saw her she was 3 months!). Cute as can be, and catching a ride at a morning visit to Birdworld. 

My new niece Emily - 8 months. Sweet girl who loves cuddles and attention, and giving the best smiles. 

My gorgeous nieces! 

And Emily can crawl already! In fact, while I was there, she started pulling herself up and trying to walk. It won't be long, i'm betting by her 10th month, she'll be dashing after her sister. 

Smily girl! 

A trip to the park with Lucy-loo! She's at that stage where she won't smile for the camera, so it's great to catch her here on the swing! 

Cutie pie Lucy - loves to play, give hugs and kisses and show off all her dinosaurs! 

Grant and I took the girls to the aquarium while Claire caught up with things at home one morning. Here's Grant and Emily watching the otters feeding! 

Tried to get a good one of the three of us - but between distractions and Lucy doing fish faces, it was surprisingly hard! 

On my last afternoon in Portsmouth, right before dinner, little Emily fell fast asleep next to me on the sofa. I promise I didn't feed her the beer.....! 

After Portsmouth was London - it was great to see Dad for two evenings, and to hang out with my cousin Nicola one afternoon for a whirlwind walking tour of London! 

The London Aquarium is fantastic - highly recommend it! 

Trafalgar Square - last time i was here it was covered in pigeons! 

An hour around the National Gallery, catching up with my Picasson, Gaugin and Monet. 

There are four plinths in Trafalgar Square (other than the large central Lord Nelson's column) - one holds a statue of King George on a horse, one  of General Napier and one of Major-General Havelok. The last was an empty plinth that is used to show rotating art pieces. This months was the above. I have to say, given the history of Trafalgar, I can't wait to see this particular one rotate off......

A quick trip to Buckingham Palace to see the queen.

But not to stroke the horses! 

The palace! 

The guards! 

And of course, what walking tour wouldn't do Westminster Cathedral - home to many a royal wedding, including some recent ones. 

And topped off with a Discovery Ale with cousin Nicola. A fun day was had! 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

In Amsterdam

Well, I had every intention of updating here before I left, but that obviously didn't happen! It's been a hectic few weeks, both getting ready for the International Deep Sea Coral conference, where i'm giving a keynote tomorrow, finishing up a NSF proposal, and dealing with yet more green card madness. The later has been somewhat heartbreaking, as now my card is delayed until July, which means I cannot close on the house, so the seller may elect to put it back on the market instead of waiting for me. I have yet to hear, and needless to say am a little stressed about it.

So here I am in Amsterdam. Arrived yesterday somewhat later than expected, delays in New York led to me missing my plane in London, so I had a 6 hour wait there yesterday morning. Good so far, though I haven't wandered much, I figure after i've given my talk tomorrow I can go further afield and explore a little.

One of the canals behind my hotel

My wander for some air and lunch today led me to this cute park. The weather is windy and overcast. 

Unfortunately the weird weather has been here too - the cherry blossoms have mostly gone and very few tulips are to be seen.

Delicious food!

And a windmill, one of the few remaining in Amsterdam