Sunday, April 1, 2012

In Amsterdam

Well, I had every intention of updating here before I left, but that obviously didn't happen! It's been a hectic few weeks, both getting ready for the International Deep Sea Coral conference, where i'm giving a keynote tomorrow, finishing up a NSF proposal, and dealing with yet more green card madness. The later has been somewhat heartbreaking, as now my card is delayed until July, which means I cannot close on the house, so the seller may elect to put it back on the market instead of waiting for me. I have yet to hear, and needless to say am a little stressed about it.

So here I am in Amsterdam. Arrived yesterday somewhat later than expected, delays in New York led to me missing my plane in London, so I had a 6 hour wait there yesterday morning. Good so far, though I haven't wandered much, I figure after i've given my talk tomorrow I can go further afield and explore a little.

One of the canals behind my hotel

My wander for some air and lunch today led me to this cute park. The weather is windy and overcast. 

Unfortunately the weird weather has been here too - the cherry blossoms have mostly gone and very few tulips are to be seen.

Delicious food!

And a windmill, one of the few remaining in Amsterdam

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Terence said...

Awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing what Amsterdam has to offer.