Sunday, April 22, 2012


Well, i've been back just over a week and I think i've finally settled back in (e.g. unpacked) and am getting closer to kicking this cold (though I really wish it would go away faster). Yesterday I woke up and actually felt like I could go outside and rake leaves - it made me realise just how crummy i've been feeling this last few weeks. It's been a slow week, but amazingly i've managed to achieve a lot - taxes, car inspection, filled the oil tank. Next week is going to be a busy one too - Orono twice, diving twice, should start a big proposal, student meetings.

Miss Barkley has to go to the vet this Thursday too. She has to have three teeth removed - broken down to the root....:( - and have a lump on her leg removed. Feeling a little sad about it, was pretty sad when I took her to the vet for surgery last year after she arrived, she just looks so forlorn when I take her in. I know she'll be fine, but still, no fun.

So here's to a new week!

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