Sunday, November 25, 2012

24hrs in Iceland!

And what better to do, than to relax at the Blue Lagoon for the morning before flying home!

Visit to the UK

We got back late last night from our whirlwind visit to the UK. It was fantastic to see everyone, even if only briefly. I think we truly made the most of the short time with everyone. Here's the visit, in photos....

First stop was to Wales, to see Mum, Jon, Adam, Jack and my cousins and Aunt. We went with Adam, Jack, Mum and Jon to the Dr Who Experience...all had a great time! 

Adam, Me and Jack at the Dr. Who Experience. 

Brandon and I then had a few hours to ourselves, so we went around Cardiff Castle. Locked Brandon up at the gate then went on in to look around....

It was really great to see cousins Elen and Neil, and their new (to me) brood! It's been almost ten years since I last saw them, and since then they've had three additions...Emmy and twins Jackson and Olly! 

The next stop was Cornwall to see Dad and Sanchia. We stopped at Tintagel Castle for a poke around, but it was so wet and windy it was a very brief visit! 

The weather was still wet and windy on our one day with Dad and Sanchia, so we went around the Eden Project, which is always so nice to see!  

And the last stop on our whirlwind family tour was Portsmouth to see Grant, Claire and nieces Lucy and Emily. It was a tad windy there too! 

We did get up to Stonhenge, but again the rain and the wind stopped it being a long visit....

Lucy risked being whisked away by the wind! 

So we ended up in the aquarium instead, where Emily got to say hi to some carp. 

That was the end of our whirlwind family visit! It's good to be home, but it's cold here compared to the UK. We also stopped for 24hrs in Iceland on the way home (pictures to follow!), which was a great relaxing break on the way home. The only problem, both Brandon and I have come down with colds! Today we picked up the dogs from the kennel (both were very happy to see us, but looked like they had a great holiday too), took them for a walk, then went and picked out a Christmas tree! The first Christmas tree in my own home...:)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The fireplace

We've all been appreciating the fire today. Not quite below freezing, but definitely heading that way. A good weekend, though started by a 24hr faculty meeting that started midday on friday, it ended with a wonderful dinner with friends, some productive housework (putting in an electric dog fence for Brody; raking piles of leaves; tidying up the garden) and a wonderful dog walk with a pile of black dogs. A good and relaxing weekend! 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

For Halloween....

"I was a cone-shark"