Thursday, June 25, 2015

A visit to Woods Hole and preparing to head to sea....

Well, time flies, and my first research cruise as a mum is coming up fast (i leave tuesday for ten days). The good news is that we have enough expressed breastmilk that he'll remain a breastfed baby while i'm out, the bad news is that i'm going to miss my boys. Even worse is he's just hit a "no sleep" period for the last few days (we thought it was travel this weekend....but its now thursday), so I feel pretty guilty leaving Brandon with that for ten days. He's working hard at growing and has developed several new skills (rolling over (!), reaching for toys and finding his feet) so i'm sure has hit the 4 month sleep regression stage. We're also trying to unswaddle him at night (because of the rolling over), so i'm sure that's affecting his quality of sleep too, he slept so well swaddled. I know he'll settle eventually into a new rhythm, I just wish he'd do it before I go!

This weekend we headed to Woods Hole to catch up with friends (and hit Ikea on the way home - the upstairs remodel is finally done, just have to wait for the carpet to offgas for a few weeks and we'll be moving in! Photos to follow soon!). It was wonderful, we got to go to the beach, dip our toes in the ocean (it was a little cold for Dylan, he wasn't too impressed!) and spend time with good friends.

BL snuggles

Watching the ocean

CL airplane! 

Hard to see, but this is the car packed from Ikea! 

From his daycare. They're pretty funny in there....

Dipping in the ocean! 

Snuggles with Kathy!