Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

Okay, i'll admit it, Brandon and I completely forgot about Easter. To the point where we loaded the car with recyclables to take to the transfer station and got all the way there before the penny dropped that it was Easter, so they wouldn't be open! Brandon's brother and sister in law were in town from Seattle, staying with his parents in Skowhegan, so they all came down in the afternoon for a tour of the Darling Marine center and Pemaquid lighthouse. 

It was a beautiful weekend - sunshine, 65F - so we worked in the garden on saturday and sunday morning. Taking down some smaller trees, clearing up leaves, reclaiming some of the yard from years of overgrowth. We even got the deck furniture out and basked in the sunshine for a little while on saturday. 

Touring the Darling Marine Center. 

Everyone thought our new "safety" sign on the pier (which we scuba dive off) was funny.....

At Pemaquid point.

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