Sunday, May 3, 2009

In need of a soundtrack...

I'm in need of a running soundtrack, got any suggestions? My companion on my training runs is my iPod Shuffle, one of the best inventions of the century in my opinion, and though I have a good mix on there that I enjoy, i'm getting a little bored of it (4 times a week for a month and it's time for a change). Any good suggestions out there for music to run to, please post a comment! 

Todays long run went well. There are two major things that I need to do in my training (other than figure out how to run that far!) that i'm trying to get into slowly - 1. Running in the AM (I usually run in the evenings, and the race starts at 6am) and 2. Running in the heat (though it's warmer than most places here, Manoa valley is a good few celcius cooler than Diamondhead, where the race will be). So today, I did both, and I feel great! 

I went for a run on the Half Marathon route at 7.30 this morning (okay, so not 6am, but baby steps here). It was 85F, even at that time in the morning - youch! But I did 7 miles, I meant to go for 6, but managed to get lost (no comments Stian) and thought initially i'd not done as much as planned, but got home and worked out the route and it was actually 7 miles - woo hoo! I ran most of it too, but man it was hot, lots of water! I felt really good getting back to the car, and still feel pretty pleased with myself. 

I think this is the first run i've done, where i've actually thought - I can do this. 

So this weeks schedule - 

Monday - rest and stretch
Tuesday - 4.5 mile run
Wednesday - 3 mile run
Thursday - 4.5 mile run
Friday - rest
Saturday - 1hr Swim
Sunday - 5K race at Ala Moana - The Jamba Juice Banana Man Chase  - a little bizarre (yes, you chase a guy dressed as a banana for 5K around the park), but hey, i've never run a race before and people have suggested I should - this one came up, right time, good starting length! 

Have a good week! 


bsa said...

Oh my heavens! You are so impressive, Rhian. ...and have provided me with just the boost and inspiration I need to work on getting ready for the upcoming Grand Canyon trip! thanks for the inspiration!

DDd said...

So what was the final verdict on the shoes? Keepers or did you return them?

RGW said...

Thanks B - just don't plan to run the Grand Canyon okay!

Kept the shoes, think the issue is that my calves have been getting really tight, causing my foot to go to sleep. Figured out if I stretch well and then ice for 10 mins or so after every run (even the short ones), then they don't get as tight and my foot doesn't fall asleep.Sounds ridiculous, and maybe I can stop when I get more 'trained', but it totally works.....

LSULiv said...

Try one of these:

RGW said...

oooo.....thats cool, I never knew iTunes had such things.....