Saturday, May 2, 2009

How does your garden grow?

A beautiful Manoa morning. The view from my bed....:0)

This pepper is just perfect for picking - my first Hawaii produce (other than lettuce)! 

The papaya is in bloom! I think it's a bisexual flower (so should bear fruit without cross pollination) but I am having a hard time telling. My mouth is watering at the prospect of fruit! 

This wee pepper has a little way to go. They start out green then turn to yellow. 

Sunflowers starting to push through. I love dwarf sunflowers, this is just a packet mix. Not sure my little garden spot is sunny enough for them, but we'll see. 


nicola said...

fabulous, fabulous! do you have everything planted in pots? i have never gotten peppers to grow like that! (envy!)

RGW said...

Most things are in pots, the soil here is so volcanic and nutrient poor, not to mention a pain to try and dig through. The only things not in pots are some herbs in my front garden (which is built up a little) and as of today, some native hawaiian sugar cane - it's red and really pretty!

LSULiv said...

How nice! Way to go!