Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Training Schedule

Just back from my first run of the week and thought I would post my schedule. It's getting up there now - 22 miles a week! I just had a great first run of the week too. My left calf was still tight from my 9 miles on sunday, so I thought before I left i'd probably bail on a long one and do my short one tonight, but wow, I got in the zone and off I went! I'm getting there! 

Monday - Rest (eat pizza and drink wine with Laura!)
Tuesday - 5 miles
Wednesday - 3 miles
Thursday - 5 miles
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 50 minute swim
Sunday - 9 miles

Shoe Update - So I kept the shoes. I still seem to get really tight calves when I run, but I haven't had the numbness issues as much (occasional, but not run stopping). I've been more diligent about stretching and now always ice them for ten minutes after, that seems to keep the soreness to a better level. It's something I was hoping would work it's way through, but it's interesting it's still with me, even now when i'm a much stronger runner than I was and have lost some weight too. Definitely much improved with stretching, so I think maybe I need to go to a yoga class to get my flexibility back. 

Interestingly when I do my runs at Diamondhead on the weekend, where i run around the park first (~2 miles) and then up, I don't get as sore, even though my mileage is more than my weekday runs. I think going on the flat I just warm up better, whereas here, it's all down to start and maybe I just don't get as well stretched out prior. I also tend to try and rush more on the weekdays, as i'm usually fighting daylight by the time I get home from work, whereas the sunday run is dedicated, early morning and maybe i'm just more focused on it.  


kmw said...

You haven't mentioned the pains...so do you think the shoes are working out?

nicola said...

wow, for once, it is almost a shame it isn't monday anymore. ;)

RGW said...

I tired back and forth with my old shoes and came to the conclusion it's just me. That particularly bad week I think I had strained my back lugging compost and rocks up my stair, and I think that just made my feet especially numb. I still get tight calves, so am beginning to think that isn't going to change.

Monday daytime was manic, the evening was awesome! Needless to say, I blew my calorie count that day.....:0)

kmw said...

That's good news about the shoes working out. Fine tuning one's body takes time, but it helps to know you're using the right equipment. If your calves are prone to tightness you might just do more emphasis on stretching the calves throughout the day on stairs and against the wall. Sometimes it's amazing what the right stretch can do to fix you. In my case I was getting a nagging knee pain. Turns out a tight hip flexor was the cause, as it connects the hip and knee. I had never ever stretched my hip before, but now it's my main stretch and the knee pain is totally gone. I never would have figured that out w/o a physical therapist's advice, and it was getting to the point where I was afraid I'd have to stop running altogether!