Sunday, May 31, 2009

Quick trip to the beach

After being exhausted for most of the day, working for a good few hours this afternoon and a trip to the super market, Jenny called with the most awesome idea - a quick evening trip to the beach! It was so nice, we only went for an hour or so, but it was so much cooler dipping in the ocean (it has been 92F up in Manoa today - where it is generally cooler than anywhere else!). Little Hannah joined us too and we even watched a little of the sunset. Beautiful! 

It has been a really hot day, and for the first time in over a year, I actually have the AC on tonight to cool it down before I go to bed. The thing is so noisy I couldn't sleep through it, and I really hate how much electricity those things use up, but I really didn't sleep last night, even with the fan on me full tilt. It also works well to get the humidity out of the apartment, and the geckos! Last night I had 5 geckos running around my ceiling chasing each other. Cute, but also NOISY!  

After a good snooze, Hannah woke up and helped me check out all the beach boys. 

Even a little dipping of the toes with mamma, though she wasn't too impressed by that. She did seem to love how much cooler it was down there though. It really was such a great idea! 

The sun setting over west Oahu. Though there was no wind some of the sailboats were out. We think they were probably tourist boats, keeping the sails up for appearances.....well, they certainly made a good photo. 

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nicola said...

gorgeous! hannah is a cutie and jenny looks great post-partum!
envying the hawaiian beach action, but enjoying the CA beach action.