Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Weekend!

My friend Adam just sent me this photo, and it made me smile so much this morning I thought I would share. Little Elise hanging out with her pinguino......wonder where she got that....:0) 

Have a good one! 


bsa said...

Now I do wonder where she got that penguin! You just can't start them too early on bird identification or desires for wanderlust... And what a beautiful quilt setting off a lovely child!

nicola said...

yah, but does she know what KIND of penguin it is, yet? ;)

you sure know A LOT of little babies right now!

DDd said...

wonder where she got that quilt... could it be another gorgeous KB creation?!

RGW said...

The quilt must either be a KB or a BL creation - it is gorgeous!

As for the type of penguin, as a product of Adam and Melissa, i'm sure Elise is reciting her times tables by now......:0)