Sunday, May 10, 2009

An Awesome Sunday!

What a great sunday! Today was so much fun. It started this morning with finalizing flights and cabins for a 3 day hiking trip into Haleakala Crater on Maui for my birthday in June. Had this planned for a while and now it's set! 

Then a wonderful family beach day with Jenny, Doug, Baby Hannah and her Grandma Louis. Jenny and I even got a good swim in too - out to the flag and back at Kaimana Beach (I have to find out how far that is one day)! We then had lunch at the Kona Brewpub, mmmmmm, delicious Kahlua pig sandwich! Then into work to clean out the baby corals, write a couple of exam questions for tomorrow, and home in time for a quick change into running gear and a 7 mile run around Diamondhead crater - and I feel great! I ran almost all of it, did a warm up and good stretch and beat my last time - 1hr 20 minutes - not too bad for this sluggish novice....:0)

Now i'm laid out on the couch, my calves on ice, doing some work on proposals, watching some TV and catching up with some blogs. Going to head to bed for an early night too (and I just bought a memory foam topper for my bed, so no more sore spots!). 

What an awesome Sunday - hope you all had good ones too! 

Training Schedule - 
Monday - Rest and stretch
Tuesday - 4.5 miles
Wednesday - 3 miles (or a swim)
Thursday - 4.5 miles
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Swim or short run
Sunday - 8 mile run

ps.....did I mention my Green and Black Poison Dart Froggies are mating right now? Every morning out by the Papaya trees for the last 3 days! 

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nicola said...

that sounds like such a fun day!
happy belated first mamma day to jenny.