Sunday, May 10, 2009

Baby Make for New Mamma's

I'm so proud of myself with these I can hardly contain it. So simple and yet they came out so well. Why didn't I think of it before! 

Little babies both love high contrast pictures and it's good for eye development. Those cards can run at a good few dollars, so why not make your own I thought. Not that i'm the first person to think of this (look here, here and here for my inspiration), but boy they are easy, effective and cheap to make. 

For me it was really cheap, as the only thing I bought was Scotch Self Stick Laminating Pouches ($3.50 for 5 at a local craft store) to make them a little more baby friendly, but if you have good card you don't even really need that. Here is the list of items - 

Card - already in notecard format or a larger sheet to cut down
Sharpies or Crayons - worked well with black crayon too, and that way kids can join in
Stencils - I was going to copy from the internet, but discovered I had these stencils in my craft box
Laminating Pouches - the self stick kind if you don't have a laminator
Ribbon - optional, and I found thinner looks better

Make two pictures (I put a combination of a 'picture' on one side and a bold pattern on the other) put them back to back and seal with the laminating pouch. Use an exacto knife or razor blade to cut a small slit at the top, thread through ribbon and tie. Viola, awesome baby gift that will keep the little one amused! 

Total cost - $7 for ten cards (two sets of gifts) and about an hour in front of a movie while doing laundry. Not bad! 


PleaseRecycle said...

I love those! Genevieve made something similar for Oscar too.

nicola said...

great idea and CUTE! your are fantastic!