Thursday, May 14, 2009

Too much choice....

Way too much choice, and this is just a small selection of what I happen to have. I know salt replacement for sweating is really important, and have been using a homemade gatorade recipe I found online (but now seem unable to re-find it....) having a small glass before and a popsicle made out of it after a run (along with a glass of water). Here is the recipe - 

Can frozen Orange Juice (I'm using Orange/Pineapple or Orange/Pineapple/Banana)
Water to make up to 2L
Pinch of salt

But I have been a little worried it's not covering all of the nutrients I need, and is also not what is going to be available during the race, so figured i'd better try a few of the pre-made versions too. Anyone have any thoughts? I guess i just read somewhere (again one of my famous "I can't find it again" reads) that the homemade energy drinks out of orange juice don't cover all the electrolytes you need. Hmmmm. 

Last weekend Jenny had mentioned energy gel packets too (concentrated carbohydrate goo) and I tried one at 45 minutes into my 7 mile run, and boy, it really helped! So i'm kind of sold on those and will definitely carry a packet or two on the long runs, but again, it's never simple, as there are different brands and people seem to swear on one or the other, so I have a few varieties to go through. 

So complicated! 

I'm now 1 month until race day, so figured i'd better start figuring this stuff out now! 


nicola said...

ok, i have a good gatorade recipe somewhere on my blog. i have to go find it for you. and ask my dad about the best products. seriously. the man has opinions. (he loves his gu and clif bars for exercise like you are doing. i like the protein bars you can get at costco for a "pinch" snack.)

RGW said...

Ooo - Yes please!