Friday, May 8, 2009

What's in your wallet?

One of my many constant battles - keeping my wallet to less than the size of a brick. So as I pulled it all out again today (it was only 2 weeks ago when I got back from the UK that I did this!) I thought that would make a good photo. So what do I have in my wallet - and what do you have in your wallets?

Driving license
University ID
Debits cards
Costco Card
REI Card (pretty useless here in Hawaii)
Safeway Card
Various gift cards
Donor Card (all be it from the UK, since I can't donate anything here, being that I have mad cow disease and all)
SeaFood Watch card for Hawaii
Bostons Pizza 'buy 5 get a free pizza' card (yum!)
Photo of me, mum and Sophie
American Airlines Platinum Exec card
Various business cards (mine and other peoples)
Car insurance card
$10 and change

1 comment:

nicola said...

actually, i should do this too. fun blog post, yes, but also really good for those sad, occasional lost/stolen wallet moments.