Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Daily Hawaii

Some pix from my little slice of Hawaii......

The view down the street. I just love the big trees here, and how they create their own arbors over the roads and the roots pull up the tarmac. 

A lot of the houses back here have these fish flags flying - Japanese Koi Carp, celebrating Children's day (May 5th). These fish represent sons in the household, the houses have different numbers and different sizes and colours depending on how many sons they have. 

The beautiful tropical plants, in many shades of purple...

I love being surrounded by the mountains on one side and the ocean on the other, it's the best of both worlds. 

The chinese cemetery in Manoa. My daily run takes me past here, and I often see beautiful displays of flowers and lei's on the graves. 

Manoa stream, though it looks inviting, has leptospirosis, so no swimming. 
The rec center in Manoa, where I swim in the free pool. This is the view I get when I swim. Pretty sweet huh. 

Looking down into Manoa valley from the top of the 'killer stairs'. 

Kapiolani park. This is in downtown Waikiki and is one of the major parks in Honolulu. Overlooked by Diamondhead volcano, this is where the half marathon will start and end. 

A view of the track around Kapiolani park with more beautiful tropical trees. 


nicola said...

beautiful! i love the koi flags. we read about these in a book my parents gave finnian, called boy's day, by tokie ikeda ching.

kmk said...

ahh, your pics remind me of when I lived in Makiki and ran this lady's dogs in Manoa Valley 3 times a week. Thanks for sharing.