Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Busy Busy, Bad Bad, Good Good

Well, I fell of the wagon today, but, since it's early in the week, I am hoping to make it up. So I was supposed to do a 4.5 mile run today. Instead I did no exercise and just had McDonalds for dinner (at 9.30pm). Bummer. 

My excuse, well I had really bad insomnia last night, couldn't get to decent sleep until 4am, woke up at 6am, tossing and turning (this is not unusual, happens for about a week a month, worse if I have a lot on, which I happen to right now), so really did not feel up to dragging my body on a run this morning. 

Went into work at 8am. Flat out, it's proposal time, plus trying to finish 2 papers (should be writing a 3rd), finishing up teaching, entertaining NSF big wigs....the list goes on at the moment (this is the trouble with actually being IN Hawaii!). But after work I did not go on a run, I did something else for me that i've wanted to do for a while now. 

I went to a Red Cross Training night, basically an orientation in to how you can volunteer with the Red Cross within State and in other States too. It was interesting for the most part (as I already know that I want to volunteer, I didn't really need it sold to me quite as they did - but to go further you have to attend the orientation) and i've signed up. I learnt a lot about the Red Cross too, most of the disasters they attend are close to home - house fires are the most common here in Hawaii. They basically need people to go to these emergencies and help with the aftermath of a fire or flood - so making sure people have somewhere to stay (and if they don't arrange hotels/shelters), money, food and a plan for what to do next - nothing right on the line, just there for assistance should people need it. They have very flexible schedules for when you volunteer too, and the kind of things you volunteer with (from transferring dispatch phone calls (from home), to driving trucks, to filling in paperwork for people, to attending the scene and providing needed help), so it fits well with my hectic schedule. 

I'm excited to be here to get to do this, I have a way to go though, there are quite a number of training opportunities to do depending on what I want to volunteer in, including updating my CPR, which is well out of date now. See how it goes.

So a bad day for marathon training, a busy day for work, but a good day for me. And it's only tuesday, so i hope to make up the difference by the time sunday comes rolling around. 

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nicola said...

don't worry. everyone needs a break now and then! you will get back on the wagon. (as anne of green gables says: tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it.) awesome about the red cross class. i should do something like that.