Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fun lovin' Friday!

Happy Friday! 

I thought I'd post on some things that i'm loving around my tiny house right now. Here we go........

Both the individual snack cups and the chocolate pudding! I discovered chocolate pudding for the first time before the Torres del Paine hike, and wow, it's a great treat. This one is all fat and sugar free, so not so bad for you either, but also not as tasty as the full version...:0) 

My real love here is the snack cups - they are so useful. 1/2 cup sizes, so I measure out my snacks for the day (usually nuts, raisins or cranberries) and know what portion i'm eating and how many calories that is. So useful. If I took a bag of pistachios into work, the entire bag would be gone by the end of the day - these really help! 

My friendly fornicating frogs. I love them so. Useful? Not really, but they make me smile every morning when I look over my balcony into the garden and see them scatter. 

My garden! I have another pepper coming through and the peas are looking great! I love to grow my own food, so tasty delicious and right there waiting, not going bad in the fridge. 

Wicker baskets. So many uses, so pretty, so many shapes and sizes. I love that my bathroom has the counter space for some baskets. 

My iPod shuffle. Wow, this little thing has been a close companion of mine, I couldn't imagine lugging my large iPod on my runs, this clips right onto my shorts and off we go. And it has 4hrs of songs or something on there. I'm thinking of getting another one in case this one fails, as they've changed the style and I don't like the new one as much as this one. 

The hits right now, Rolling Stones, Queen, Beatles and the Creedence Clearwater Revival.........almost time for a new mix.......

Ice packs. Enough said.

This book my mum gave me - I wish I could see the series - eventually i'm sure it'll catch up here. It has some quirky things, and I haven't tried anything out yet, but i'm looking forward too. Maybe i'll post some recipes too! 

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nicola said...

i love this kind of post. i always learn something!
happy almost-weekend!