Sunday, March 6, 2011

Photos from Juneau

We're on weather watch here, it's been high winds in the channels so we've been delayed, hopefully by not more than a few hours (we're hoping to leave monday midday), but we're still all on tenterhooks. My technician Christian arrived out this morning, and this afternoon we're going to take all the gear down to the docks, so that as soon as the boat arrives (it's been stuck 150 miles south of us) we'll be ready to go. 

In the meantime, aside from lots of packing, organizing and catching up on work, I have had some fun in Juneau, I really like it here, such a beautiful place. Yesterday we did my check out dive (required to work with the folks here) which was awesome - so much to see, I really should have taken my camera!), then Bob and Michelle took me cross country skiing on the Mendenhall Glacier Lake. It was hard work (no trail and icy), but to get that close to a glacier an icebergs was pretty amazing! 

Here are some photos!

View from the office i've been using here at the Auke Bay Laboratory. 

Bob took me on a tour of downtown - got to be careful of snow falling from bridges around here! 

The Governors house - where Sarah Palin used to live. Looked hard, but really couldn't see russia from here....

Avalanche on Mt Juneau! These happen everyday in the winter, pretty spectacular! 

Some of the awesome icebergs frozen into the Mendenhall Lake. 

More icebergs - this one with a hole through the middle. 

Which of course I decided to slide through! 

Bob and Michelle! 

The Mendenhall Glacier. Pretty different from when I was here in September! 

I couldn't get enough of the frozen icebergs! 

The frozen waterfall. This is where we hiked to in September, looked pretty different back then! 


PleaseRecycle said...

The view through the windshield in that second photo looks just like an impressionist painting!

Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing!

BSA said...

I am just catching up wih your life. our new home lloks wonderful and now Juneau!! I have fond memories of the library there on the 2nd or 3rd floor of a parking garage. I love the photos of yo through the ice and can only imaging the power of the ice and snow cascading down the mountainside.

BSA said...

Clearly I should have proofread before I hit 'send'. ;>)

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Those photos are stunning! Wow. I hadn't even realized you were going to Alaska.
Unrelated, but I wanted to tell you how much Finnian loves the Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler books you bought Bella.