Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm back!

I'm back! I got back on wednesday and it's been a bit of a blur since I got back. I hope you all were following the work blog, we had some fantastic contributions by our science party, and then I wrote some too....:0) I'll do a good catch up soon I promise, but today is an exciting day. I'm going to pick up Barkley from her flight to Boston, so i've got to scoot. She's been in Oregon for a week and all went well on the flight from Hawaii, so in just a few hours, she'll be an east coaster! I'm excited, best birthday present ever!

Until then the above photo sums up things nicely from the cruise - incredibly hectic, twinged with a fun group and some good humour. Having fun catching up with all your blogs!


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DDdd said...

Welcome home. We missed you... though I did enjoy pretending to be at sea with you.