Monday, November 7, 2011

Last week

Dad and Sanchia have been here this last few days, and it's been really fun going to all the places I haven't managed to go to yet. Thursday we went down to Popham Beach and Fort, Friday we hung around town and went to Edgecombe Fort, Saturday was Pemaquid and a party at the Rigaud's, yesterday we went out to Fort Knox and Camden and today it's Portland. Wednesday they fly out so it's been a whirlwind visit. 

Barkley at Popham Beach - she had fun and is sporting her blaze orange, as the deer hunting season started up this week too. 

Popham Beach

Popham Fort

We had lunch at a fabulous farmhouse out at Popham. It was such a nice day we sat outside in the sunshine and a few friends came by - the Maine Coon cat....

And several flocks of chickens. It was a fabulous place - North Creek Farm

Edgecomb Fort

Barkley breaking the rules......

I knew Dad and Barkley would get on well, they both love to nap on the couch.....

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