Sunday, August 12, 2012

First blog post is up!

First blog post for National Geographic is up - and this page should show you blog post #2 when it goes up in a few days (and look out for photos of WALLS of corals!).

Don't forget to check in on the inReach Mapshare -

Things have been going well, a little slower than I like, but that is nothing new! It's been wet wet wet, which have meant for some not so spectacular diving conditions, but it's still been great and we're getting science done. Tomorrow we head to Pumalin Park, over in the next fjord. This is a park owned by one of the guys who started the North Face clothing line, and is an area that has been protected for many years. We'll be totally out of touch, but i'll keep the inReach on so you can see where we are!

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