Saturday, September 8, 2012

Headed to DC

Headed to DC for a week. Working in the Invertebrate Collections at the Smithsonian museum, collecting samples for a project looking at West Coast corals. Should be a lot of fun, it's been a long while since i've got to scavenge behind the scenes at a museum! Also doing a talk for National Geographic on wednesday, which i'm really kind of nervous about. Talking about the Chile expedition to all the media folks, to see if there's any bigger story there to be had (which of course I think there is, but what do I know....). Also a different kind of talk than i'm used to - lots of photographs and wow rather than science....

And the best part....i'm staying with the D's all week! Looking forward to seeing Diane, Dan, Dahlia and Davin! 

Some photos from last weekend, staying at a friends cabin up the coast in Port Clyde. Other than Brandon being ill, it was glorious! 

Getting my Barkley ready for a paddle. She hopped right into the kayak, which was awesome, we really haven't been much this summer at all. 

Paddling pup! 

Exploring the ocean! 

Sunset on the deck. Looking out over my friend Dave's boat. 

Brody chilling on the deck. 

As were Brandon and Miss Barkley.

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