Monday, October 1, 2012

It's October already?

Wow, time really flies. So much has happened, so much has changed just in these few months. This year in fact has really been a whirlwind. This weekend saw our little family of Barkley and me expand quite dramatically. Now we're me & Brandon; Barkley & Brody; D'argtanian, Zoe & Porsche (cats) and Cricket & Ally (parrots). Quite a rapid expansion, and one we've embraced (all be it with many cookies for our queen bee Barkley!). Though the full move will be slow (Brandon is selling a house, and we have yet to move furniture), it's good to be all under one roof. Maybe that'll mean more time to blog too....:)

Another big change happened this weekend too. It was goodbye to Beach Belle and hello to Snow Belle. I've been feeling a bit sad about it today, but I said goodbye to my little black car yesterday, and said hello to a little red car. Beach Belle wasn't doing quite as well since a deer ran into me a few months ago, and i'd been debating swopping up for something more reliable in the snow, now I live 35 minutes from work. Luckily Beach Belle, even with deer imprint, was worth considerably more than I owed, which gave me enough to afford the payments on a Toyota Rav4 (and actually halve my monthly payments!). Beach Belle was a great car, and it turns out, a great investment too. Doesn't often happen to me....:) I shall miss the zip of the mazda, but Barkley is loving her new nest - the tailgate is lower and her space larger, and (somehow) she's already wedged a tennis ball in the rear cup holder....

Brody and Barkley checking out their new ride. 

Miss Barkley, beginning her winter coat. Yet again, she's growing back in patches, and looks very raggedy right now. Hopefully she'll grow fully in soon. 

Squirrel.......this picture was preceeded by speeds you'd never think a 12 year old lady could do.......

Our new wheels. Plenty of room for the whole family too.....:)

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