Saturday, January 12, 2013

Alaska Research Cruise

Tracy Arm Fjord - where we've been monitoring a coral site for two years. This was the last funded cruise, so a little sad about that. 

Our sample site. 4000ft up, and 1000ft down. There be corals there! 

Julia driving the dive skiff. 

Our 'larger' research vessel. Luckily only 3 of us and two crew. 

Sailing into Tracy Arm Fjord. Just beautiful! 
See my fins?
Taking a break by the wall. There's 1000ft of water below me! 

Tracy Arm Fjord. 

Bob and I, the only two divers, getting ready to go! We did 14 dives in 5 days - not bad and slightly exhausting! Water temp was just above freezing, at 36F. 

The scale of the mountain is out of this world! 

A 7.5 earthquake came through while we were in the field. Being on water, we didn't feel it, but the glacier did, and sent down lots of ice that morning. 

Looking out over our sample site. 

The ice edge - just a few miles up from where we were working. 

My student Julia and myself. 

Serious science!

This large glacier floated into our sample site one day.  
So we decided to board it! 

And then throw snowballs at the skiff. 

Beautiful crisp alaskan day! 

There are divers in this photo! 

Sunset on the way out of Tracy Arm. 

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