Friday, February 8, 2013


Long delay in posting since I got back from Alaska - nothing major but I did get norovirus while I was in Boston, followed by a chest cold....and time just flew away. I've also been moving offices at work, which is taking up a fair amount of time - just across the hall to a 'suite' with a second office that will be my graduate student Steve's, so it's a good move, but the timing has been not what I would have chosen.

So - at the moment, we are at home awaiting a massive blizzard! The University is shut and Brandon decided to work at home today (with an hour commute and it already having snowed 2 inches this morning, i'm glad at that decision), so we're sitting in what feels like a snowglobe as it comes down outside. I love the snow, so i'm excited by this storm, the thought of power outs in front of the fire with board games appeals to my inner need to get away from it all. Right at this moment there's a cat on each windowsill looking out to the snow, Brody is curled up in front of the fire and Barkley is curled up at my feet on the couch. All is well.

Hope everyone is well out there, and stays safe in the storm if you're in the Northeast!

Curling up with the Barkley....on our pink carpet.....!

The old lady gets some special time each day with Brandon and me as we head for bed. She's the only critter allowed upstairs and sleeps at the end of our bed, usually keeping us up with her snoring! 

Miss Barkley!

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