Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer is here!

Summer is most definitely here! We spent the long weekend cleaning up the garden, and the chickens have finally moved outside! Just in time for round #2, we have 5 regular size chickens that will make up our flock arriving this week! 

Barkley and Zoe guarding the chicks in their temporary accommodations. 

Baby Bantams!
The new turnaround spot Brandon worked on using his dad's tractor. This is to give us somewhere to park in the winter off the road so it can be plowed better without having to move cars back and forth all the time. One day maybe we'll get a carport there....:)

The shade garden and firepit. 

Site for the chicken shed, that should be arriving anyday! 

The garden is blooming (rhubarb is going wild!), planted everything this weekend, and put up a short wire fence to see if we could keep brody out....last year he dug up everything! 

The strawberries are blooming! Hoping for a big crop this year! 

Blueberry buds! 

The new raspberry trellis. Hoping this gets us a good crop, if not we might pull out the plants and start new - this is just what was there already, and we don't know if they're a wild variety or if someone in the past planted them then let them go wild on the property. Either way, we're hoping for at least some tasty raspberries! 

One day maybe i'll get flowers for in here! 

The goofy girl, enjoying the warm sunny day....:)

The boys, hanging out. 

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