Thursday, August 4, 2011

Three things Thursday

I'm not very good at getting this up for thursday am I.....oh well, it is still thursday, even if only for another hour! Three things on my mind....

1. Proposals per-schmo-sals. And that's all I have to say on that matter

2. Next week is hectic-co. Tuesday/Weds i'm in New Jersey for a deep coral meeting, friday i'm off to DC for a meeting at NSF on Mon/Tues. The good side on this is that I get to see the multiple D's on the weekend - yeah!

3. I'm feeling rather chlorinated after a few hours in the pool this evening. A group of high schoolers have been at the center since yesterday, checking out the place and thinking whether the University of Maine is the place to come to. Last night I did a talk on some deep sea critters, tonight it was try out SCUBA. The even better thing in all this? Barkley stayed home alone for a whole 4 hours and was totally fine, found her curled up on the couch. Yeah!

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DDdd said...

YEAH!!! Super great about Barkley. Now, what state was the couch in? :-)
We can't wait to see you too. The Montgomery County fair is going on this weekend. There's also peach picking, or the tried and true 'Mall'... or for a little American history, one of the president's houses - Monticello or Mt Vernon... or we can hang out and you can finish up that proposal. :-)