Sunday, September 18, 2011

Miss Barkley

It's been so nice to be back from Alaska, and so nice to see miss Barkley again. She's really a hoot, I love having her around, makes me laugh on a daily basis. This week has been a bit crappy at work, so having someone to make me smile has been awesome. :0)

I woke up Saturday morning to this, someone had tucked herself all the way under the bed. I wonder if she was a little chilly (we have had a bit of a cold snap!). 

Sunday meant paddling. Someone was very keen to get going. Kept glaring at me being slow loading the canoe! 

Though a little fidgety today (I forgot the campmat she usually sits on), she did seem to enjoy herself. I love this shot, just seems to scream Maine.  

Finally caught a photo of it (almost). Someone likes to sit on the gunwales. Which of course is cute, except it makes the whole canoe lean.....

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DDdd said...

Welcome back! I bet Barkley was super excited to see you. Sorry the cruise was a bust. Bummer. It looks like at least the rain held off for a while.