Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A relaxing weekend....

Barkley, relaxing in one of her favorite spots, the back of our friend Chris' truck at work, watching the world go by. 

A much needed relaxing weekend was had. Saturday saw catching up with errands, cleaning my office and going to a SEA party in Rockport. It was nice to see old friends again, and nice to get out! Sunday was even more laid back, grocery, a walk at our favorite trail, then Chris and Gabby over for dinner. I needed a slow weekend and definitely feel refreshed for it. 

The next few weeks are going to be hectic, in a good way though. Sometime next week Jenny, Doug and the kids are coming to visit! They're on the east coast visiting family and will drop by to stay for a few days. I'm totally thrilled to see them again, then on friday Laura G. comes to stay for ten days - and that's pretty much 99% of what I miss about Hawaii over here in Maine, so i'm going to be in bliss! The week after next is the AAUS diving meeting here at the Darling Marine Center and in Portland (both Laura and I are presenting), and then it's the beginning of November and Dad and Sanchia are coming to visit. So it's all go, in a good way...:0) It does mean i'm running around a little this week trying to get things squared away so I can spend some good time with friends. 

As for Barkley, she's doing great and still seems to be loving Maine. Our 6yr old neighbor has decided she's the best thing since sliced bread. For her part, she's putting up with it, was very proud of her today that she didn't snap at him when he ran at her full speed. She's doing really well.....:0)

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