Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Monhegan Diving

The week has flown by again! Saturday I went out on the boat to Monhegan and got in three awesome dives. The weather above was no so great, but the visibility below was great. I had my new underwater camera with me (the one that was for Alaska, but because of the lack of any visibility, never got wet!). The photos came out great, i'm really pleased. 

This week i've been under the weather for the last couple of days, not sure if i've picked something up or am just a little run down. Either way i'm taking it easy, because I have some fun times to come this week. Jenny, Doug, Hannah and Sam are coming to visit for a couple of days on Thursday, then Laura arrives from Hawaii on Friday for ten days! I'm so so excited and a little emotional about it, i've really missed them all. I really don't miss Hawaii. I miss my friends. 

Next week is a SCUBA diving conference here in Maine (which is why Laura is here), so it's going to be a busy few weeks. I'd better get my talk together sometime soon too.....

Alcyonium corals on an overhang at 20ft

Feeling crabby? There's a lobster in there too! 

So much color, I love cold water diving! Loads and loads of tiny starfish too! 

Lobster hiding away! 

Two of the students above us on a wall. 

Lots of bright red and green algae. 

Look at the eyeballs on this guy.....

Fields of bright green algae

A not so lucky lobster!

"Lobstah" - it's a Maine one, so the accent is apparently important....

Loads of old abandoned traps down deep (~80ft), all broken open but they still seem to attract fish and critters. 

Another trap. 

Doesn't seem like it in this photo, but this guy was a big'un! 


Amy Barstow said...

Amazing pictures!

Annie said...

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