Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hanging out with Hawaii Peeps

It's been so wonderful to see Jenny, Doug and Hannah, and to meet little Sam. They left this morning for Portsmouth and then back to Hawaii. I miss them already! Luckily Laura is here for another week (yay!) and of course Miss Barkley, who was well behaved and is happily snoozing away on her bed after a few days of excitement. 

Hannah and I hanging out on the stairs. She's such a star, and so much more vocal than last time I saw her in April. 

Hannah and Mamma trying out Hannah's bed. 

Dadda and Sam, catching up with Outside magazine....:0)

Checking out the giant pumpkins at the Pumpkin Festival in town....

.....and the not so large pumpkins.....:0)

A sacked out Sam. He is totally adorable. 

We went down to the DMC and checked out the beach for a few hours. Hannah was in heaven with all the rocks, week and snails......and Barkley was in heaven with all the dead things to eat.....

Mamma, Dadda and Hannah

Looking at a crab cage. 

Hanging out in the canoe with Laura. 

Giant pumpkin carving! 

Giant Pumpkin carving! 

Laura watching the parade, after the family had headed on out. 

The parade

This one caught my eye......


BSA said...

I have been off the grid for quite a while--blog-wise, but have been thinking of you. It is fortuitous that it is today that I finally catch up with your blog for we were at that very same pumpkin festival last year when we visited the Darling Marine Center during our New England trip! It will take me a while to catch up with your entries, though!

CL said...

NO! Don't feed your kids to that giant pumpkin!

Adorable children...the huge pumpkin is a bit scary...