Thursday, October 27, 2011

More Pumpkin Festival & AAUS Week

Finally getting around to catching up! A whirlwind few weeks to catch up on - the last few days of the pumpkin festival (the weather was fantastic!), the diving meeting (AAUS - the meeting and my talk went well), saying goodbye to Laura (:0(, accepting a 6 week teaching position in Woods Hole for SEA in January, papers, proposals and even looking at houses to buy (gulp). Whirlwind is very true. Next week Dad and Sanchia arrive too, so i'm scrambling to get a bunch done and dusted before they get here. Some photos from the last few weeks.....

The pumpkin catapult, flinging pumpkins into the river....:0)

The pumpkin canon....

....blasting the truck! 

As part of the diving meeting Laura and I went out to Monhegan, and I got to play with my camera a little more. 

Laura and a starfish! 

I still can't get enough of the number of lobsters you see around here! 

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