Sunday, December 11, 2011

The weekend!

It's been an interesting "up and down" kind of few weeks - between work, house, work and more work i've been a little burnt out to say the least. The scoop on the house is that the seller of the original house I lost out on came back with another offer week before last. After some more negotiation, my final offer was accepted last saturday. Yesterday I had the house and septic inspection and all looks pretty darn good, just a smattering of the usual issues you'd expect in any house. Just waiting on the final report and I guess move forward from there. It's still all hypothetical based on me getting my green card, but i'm hopeful in 2012 i'll become not only a "resident alien", but also a homeowner. 

So it was well needed and great to have a blow-out with friends last night. I invited a few of my favorite Mainers over for a pre-Christmas Christmas dinner, to sample some British goodies before everyone disperses for the holidays. It made me a little sad when I realised that of course around this time last year I cooked up a British feast in Hawaii for Jenny, Doug, Hannah and Laura, as I miss those guys so much; but it was also fun to think, and hope, that this is the beginning of a long Maine tradition.  Dinner was good, company was excellent, and I may have had one too many and went to bed a little merry, but hey, it is Christmas....:0)

Today was a beautiful but crisp day out, so with the McN tribe we went for a walk in Alna, then swung by "the house" so they could get a look at the outside. Seal of approval. All I need now is some luck in the green card department, and a lot of luck that mortgage rates stay low until it does come through! 

Miss Barkley, sporting her "Festive Attire" as required at this event. Some say tortured, I say she's beautiful! One actually stayed on for most of the night too! 

A table full 'o friends! 

Lighting the pudding! Peter was a little fast of the mark lighting said pudding and set the mug alight as well, but luckily we did not need Chris' firefighting skills.....

Festive attire! 

The tree! Everyone bought a homemade ornament for my first Maine tree! It was great to bring this tradition back too. Best tree ever! 
Four dogs, three adults and two kiddos on our little walk this afternoon! 
Amy tried forever to get us composed for a good shot! 

Miss Barkley!

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