Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gulf of Maine Research Cruise

Arrived back late yesterday from a successful cruise! We had some great weather, and some not so great weather, but all in all we got a lot of great data. So it turns out there are A LOT of corals in the Gulf of Maine....and unfortunately a lot of trawl damaged corals too. Hopes are high for funding for next year to get back with an ROV. 

Avery Point in Connecticut, where we left off from. 

Home for 14 days - the pretty small, RV Connecticut. 

Testing out the camera before we left dock. 

Testing out the camera before we left dock. 
Testing out the camera before we left dock.

Heading out from Connecticut. 

Flying the flag! 

Lots of birds this trip! 

And some beautiful sunsets! 

First day in the water! 

A great spot on the bow to read a book after the midnight - midday watch. 

As this is a big fishing area, we were constantly followed by birds. 

Some even came and perched on the boat. 

As it was a small boat, and we were out for 2 weeks, we had to come into port (Rockland) to resupply water, food and fuel at the end of week one. We'd also managed to break the winch at the same time, so it ended up being an extended stay of ~18hrs, which meant that Brandon drove over and we had dinner together mid cruise! 

Mount Desert Rock

The weather turned bad midday way through, so we came into Blue Hill Bay and Acadia to hide for two days. 

Beautiful sunrise in Blue Hill Bay. 

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