Tuesday, July 30, 2013


This weekend we decided to dig up a pathway from the driveway to the house - originally just grass, it gets kind of muddy in the spring and we wanted something a little more defined. We also needed to do it for free, so decided to take apart a stone circle in the center of the garden (which will get tidied up and replanted) and use those stones in a pathway. There weren't enough to do a smooth stone pathway (and we would have had to buy sand etc.), so we decided to interlace it with grass seed once done, so it'll be within the lawn itself, but we'll be able to mow over it keeping it tidy. 

Once finished, we'll admit we're not sure about it. But we'll see what it looks like once the grass is grown. Worst case is we dig up the stone again, so no big deal really. I think we both would have liked to put down pea gravel or do a smooth stone walkway, but for a free project I think it came out as good as it could. The big news is the reason we needed to do it for free - we booked a builder to take down an internal wall for us in the fall, so we can open up the downstairs and have a larger living space. He is very reasonable (and well recommended by friends) but because of it, we'll need to get new flooring downstairs, and we're both pretty set on getting some nicer hardwood (at the moment it's cheap looking laminate). We're just waiting on a Lowes sale to get the flooring we want and get the builder in! Exciting! 

First step was digging up the grass. Zoe decided to be helpful! 

Digging up the grass. it was more work than we thought! Dunkin Donuts coffee was essential to the process. 

While Brandon dug, I disassembled the stone circle and sorted the stones into small, medium and large. We both wish we'd had more of the large size, but it's what we had. We then arranged them and dug them into the newly turned over loam. Mostly they're set, others I think will take some grass growing around them to get them firm. 

The end product....minus the grass. 

Miss Barkley spent most of the process sitting in her new favorite spot - amongst the blueberry bushes and strawberry plants! We've had a GREAT harvest this year too - stay tuned for blueberry syrup and jam! 

And now the waiting. Brandon and Barkley are hiding from the sprinkler. Unfortunately it looks like a dry week this week, so we'll have to be good about watering! 

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