Sunday, August 25, 2013

Before and After!

Building project done! The builders took 5 days - 3 more than expected, but they weren't in a hurry and they were well within their budget too, which makes us happy! Painting is a winter project, so for now, all the furniture is back and we're getting resettled!

Living room before. Cigarette stained laminate. 

Living room, before. 
Living room after. Engineered hickory. 

Living room back together! 
Living room entry and closet, before. 

Knocked through. 
Floor done and furniture! The middle piece there will be tiled, Brandon and I are going to do that part ourselves. The door has also been turned around, so you enter onto the tile, instead of into the clock. 

The biggest change. Office before. 

Office after - engineered hickory. 

Office after - archway cut into the corridor to match the one between the kitchen and living room. 

Office after and entryway.