Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Let the demolition begin!

Originally we thought we'd get the building work done over the fall.....but the builder called last week and said he could do this week......eeek! I just got my promotion bonus too, which is what we were going to use to get this done.....so we said heck with it, let's get it done! Well, at least the builders part....painting the walls will have to wait until later in the year, or at least when I get back from Chile (I leave in 3 weeks!). 

Living room before. It's the wall behind the stairs there we're having knocked through into our green office space. 

Living room before, looking the other direction. 

This closet is going! Creating an archway into the room next door. 

The corridor will have the new flooring - which i'm excited about, as it's really scuffed and stained under those carpets! 

Before - doorway into the green office. 

Before, green office - and storage space for new flooring. 

The wall that is going! 

Cleaning out.....which included our liquor cabinet beneath the TV! 

Refinding of fun things.....Barkley's glow in the dark horns....her halloween costume a few years ago! 

Living room cleaned out - as not only is the wall going, but the cigarette stained floor is headed out too, so it all matches on the first floor! 

Brandon's grandmother's clock and the fireplace - they'll move these around as they do the floor.  

It'll be fun to have a full walkway around! 

The kitchen.....I hope this doesn't last too long! 

Demo Day 1 - yesterday....

Demo Day 1 - yesterday....

Demo Day 1 - yesterday....

Maybe the couch should stay in the kitchen......

All the floor is up and the archways done! 

Closet no longer! 

And we have an open plan living space! 

The archway into the corridor - same shape and size as the one from the kitchen to living room! 

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