Friday, November 1, 2013


Yes, i'm sorry, i've been remiss in posting since I got back....and suddenly i've been back for a month already. Between hectic meeting after meeting at work, a cold, brandon's cold, Barkley chewing another hole in her tail, Pumpkinfest and acquiring a new furry friend, it's been a bit hectic. So here's the update, in photos.

Heading in to Damariscotta on a sunday morning to grab coffee and see the sights of Pumpkinfest.

For one week in October Damariscotta is littered with GIANT pumpkin carvings, and full of people from out of town. 

Yes, it's a pumpkin. 

And another pumpkin. 

And another pumpkin. 

And another pumpkin...probably one of my favorites. 
Miss Barkley got socks. She's been struggling with our new wood floor, slipping around, so I thought i'd try slipper socks. Low and behold, they work, and she keeps them on. Mostly. 
Halloween cupcakes. 

Pumpkin carving at the McNaughtons, always a fun event. 
And our new bundle of fur. The 10yr old, deaf, Siberian Forest Cat, Phantom. We'd been idly looking around online at the local shelters for an older cat to keep Zoe company (she'd never been an only cat and had been acting lonely). Phantom appeared earlier this week, and came home with us yesterday. She seemed like a good fit for our brood of slightly disfunctional pets, and has made herself right at home in my ikea chair. 

Did I mention she's also enormous?

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