Sunday, November 17, 2013

Finishing touches!

The weather has finally got cold here, though no snow as yet (even though they've had snow in Cape Cod!). We closed down the garden and cleaned up the leaves, which meant we finally had enough time this weekend to put the finishing touches on the hallway floor. We're still another week away from being able to turn on the underfloor heating (you have to leave it 3-4 weeks), but we're looking forward to it. Next step is to paint the walls, trim and front door....but those are going to probably be spring or summer projects, so for now, we're happy with out entryway! 


Meanwhile Phantom has settled in. Yup, she's enormous, and we're pretty sure she's not partially deaf, she's completely deaf. The dogs can bark right next to her and she doesn't stop snoring. 

Phantom took over Brodys bed, which means he and zoe sometimes share. Neither is too thrilled about that though.  
With all the beds taken, Barkley has become a lap dog. 

And i've been booted to the rocking chair. 

Brody is still in LOVE with his chicken. His nasty smelling chicken at this point, but I daren't wash it in case it breaks....

and finally, the trim and thresholds! 

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