Monday, March 17, 2014

Back from China

A great trip, but boy am I jetlagged! 13hrs was fine on the way over, but it's now 2 days home and i'm still falling asleep at 2pm! The trip was a great success, interviewed a ton of students, had a few hours in each location to explore with student guides, and saw lots of places i'd like to go again...lets hope I still have a job next year so I can!

Some photos from the trip!

Xiamen University - the old campus

Xiamen University, the old campus. 

Xiamen University, building where all the students have their graduation photo taken in front of. 

My tour guides around the campus

Heading out to Gulangyu Island off Xiamen

Crushing pearls into powder, renowned for curing all ills. 

Gulangyu Island

Pictures made entirely of fish bones

Pictures made entirely of fish bones


A sign often found in Chinese homes during Mao's tenure. 

Flowers outside an art museum

Gulangyu Island

Highest point on the island

Beach at Gulangyu, Xiamen in the background

Xiamen in the background. 

My guides around Xiamen

Crabs at the fishmarket

Choose your own mussels! 


My spaceship toilet. Most toilets in China were pit toilets, but this one hotel went fancy! 

Make up the room or don't bother....

Qingdao, stop number two. Beautiful boardwalk, 40km long. 

Beach #1 in Qingdao

My chair. 

Teahouse on the Qingdao boardwalk

Having tea with Fei (school director) on the boardwalk
Sunrise over Qingdao. 

Shanghai the last stop on the tour! Nanjing Road, highly touristy, but fun! 

Dim sum!

Dim sum! 


Teahouse on a lake. 

Square in Nanjing Road

Nanjing Road

A little bit of tea! 

The Bund in Shanghai, in the rain! 

Writing poems using water in a local park in Shanghai

Tai Chi and Square Dancing in Shanghai. 


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