Thursday, March 27, 2014

Finishing the living room and office

While i was away Brandon painted the ceilings and walls of both the living room and adjoined office. What a star, a huge amount of work! So in my jetlagged daze, we finished up the trim and put the rooms back together. Looks awesome, we still need to get the art back up on the walls, but that might take some time. 

Finishing up the trim..

Painting the stair rail was such a pain in the ass. Particularly because the previous folks had been super sloppy with the paint. We debated painting the whole railing white, but we both love the wood look. So it still has sloppy paint on some of the wood areas, but at least the spindles are looking cleaner! 

Poor tortured Brody. We put the chair on the bed to stop it scratching the floor while we finished up the office, but he wanted his bed back....

The finished living room. New front door to hopefully come in the summer. We had to replace the screen door anyway this summer, so are thinking we'll just get a new door at the same time. The blue one is so beaten up, with dents, scratches and badly filled holes, we'd originally thought to paint and refinish it, but we realized even after we'd done that it'd probably still look like crap, and it'd be so nice to have a little window in the door there...

Finished living room. Note the new ceiling fans. An unauthorized purchase, but i' m so glad he did. The old ones were bronze and faux wood, pretty tacky. These look pretty awesome and are better sized for the room. We have the fans going full time in the summer, so i'm looking forward to larger fans! 

Looking through the new open hallway. 

The office area. We put our old couch in there to make it more cozy (and moved Brandon's grandma's clock into an area it was less likely to get bumped). Much better - and the ceiling fan matches the living room! 

The office. 

We scored a new carpet for $31 on Zulily. Barkley was being helpful. We hadn't even got it into position before she took up hers and rolled around, wiping her less than clean fur all over it......

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