Monday, January 26, 2015

Winter Storm Juno (aka Nor'Beaster)

A big snow storm on the way. We think they're overestimating, since it's really the first major storm we've had this year. But it does look like we'll get some high winds and at least a foot, so power outs are pretty likely. Today was just a beautiful day, warm (40F) and sunny, reminds me of why I love Maine in the winter, everything just looks crisp and clean.

Here are some Pre-Storm photos to compare to later!

House Front, Urn for scale.

Side of the house

Other side of the house, looking to the Little Red Chicken Shed

Chickens got prepped with a little outdoor run time. Even with corn it's hard to get them to venture into the snow, so it was brief. They have this enclosed area plus indoors with plenty of roost space when they don't want to go outside. 

Looking down the garden - that's our wooden planter in the middle. 

Looking down the side of the house, see parts of the garden boxes. 

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